Some people say, I am…

just for relax.

Now I am sitting under the tree. Some of trees surrounding me. But, my mind was surprised when my guide lecture said that I am not a convincing person. Yeah. I think nowadays, yes.

But, I see. It is because when I presented my final project, I am looked not sure. I was afraid of making some mistakes. Maybe, it will bring me to the better chance. Forget all the bad things before. Start a new day with sure step and forward!

Under the trees makes me sleepy. Uaaaaaheeem

ChickenPox before Final Project Presentation

This is once in my life. I’ve got smallpoxes. It started when I swam in Sabuga swimming pool. Then I had got a headache. Then… continue to fever. Then… I am lucky. I have got some smallpoxes on my skin. Nitemare? not really. Because many people said that this virus, called Varicella, always attack one human once in entire his life. But, when I brows in wikipedia… I’ve got some mistakes. 🙂 Fun.

Many people say I mustn’t go bath. But in that web written that I should go bath to remove some germs in my body. Really. This makes my knowledge of this disease up…

Thanks to my Mom who came to my boarding house for three days. Thanks to Mbak Hesti, who had taken the prescription of the medicines (coz she is a pharmacist), Tere who bought the medicines, Farid who carried me to the doctor, Ibu Ida who always prepared my meal and borrowed me a bad for my Mom, Nantha
who borrowed me mattress. And all of my friends.

Thanks God. It is first and last. (kata orang Indo: Yang pertama dan terakhir). Even, scientifically it is possible to have smallpox for more than once.

On Wednesday, June 25 at 1 pm, I will go to the battle. Final Project Presentation. Hope I will always be healthy. Don’t be afraid. Hehe 🙂 Thanks GOD.

Slow down Baby… Take it easy Just Let It flow…

Maybe those words that should I muse today. It is true that people have unique abilities and lacks. How can we reach it (if it is possible) or just let it (if it is impossible). Should I get my dream?

This morning I let my body to the swimming pool. Even yet, I can’t swim already. not yet… but I will… I don’t know why. Free style, or frog style? Dana said free style, Nantha said frog style…

No matter what style should I learn. But, one thing. I MUST have this ability. NO EXCUSE!

Mandiri Entrepreneurship Workshop

Last June 2nd at West Hall ITB, I joined Wirausaha Muda Mandiri (WMM). It was so fun. It is not only because of Dian Sastro and Artika Sari Devi, but also the subject of the workshop that opened my mind. There were caliber speaker such as Rhenald Kasali, Iman Taufiq, and many succeed entrepreneurs.
Here are my screen shoots:

I also sang with ITB Students Choir there. We sang Bendera, Bangun Pemudi Pemuda, and I Believe I Can Fly. For the last song, I didn’t sing anymore because of my sleepiness.

I enjoyed this workshop, and I was so delightful when my friends, Rico, Nanta, etc., known this workshop by my posts at Civitas milis. We’ve got a reward of transportation fee, a laptop bag, lunch, coffee break, and dinner. Btw, for participants of this workshop, you should take the certificate at PCAD ITB.

Then Rico and I went to Setyo’s house to join Makrab EL 04. ow ow…