A Journey to Jakarta (part 1)

Yesterday I got up so early in the morning. Why? because I wanna go to Jakarta. I should reach the Senopati Raya street, SHL office, at 9 am for a corporate recruitment psycho test. I wanna thank Bryan, my girlfriend’s young brother, who carried me to Baraya travel. He made me get ready up at 5 am.

I hope I will get the first schedule of the travel, at 5.30 am. But, sadly, the first travel was chartered by passengers to airport. That condition made me start the journey at 6 am.

During the journey, I met an old man who sitted near by me beside the driver. He wanted to do a business thing with someone in Blok M, Jakarta. Oooo, he told me that he is a Pertamina employee pension. He started to join Pertamina in 1968 and ran his first job in Papua. Wow, I can imagine that 1968 was five years after clustering Irian Barat with Indonesia. He said that Papua at that time is really lack of leaders. He dare to take that chance and gained his chance to Germany and Japan. He was 22 years old at that time.

orang tua dan anak

He asked me where do I want to go. I told him my destination, Senopati Street. He talked too much. Maybe because of many experiences that he got during his jobs, for 30 years.

I can classified his story into three sections. The first is about his debut in Germany, the second is about his child who gain the recruitment process in Chevron as a accomodation manager, and the third is his experience when take an airport project in Dumai, Riau.

First, he said onto me, “It is no use for studying if you don’t have capability in English.” He is really concerned about alumni of Indonesian Bachelor who do not have capability both of speaking and writing in English. He told me that because of his debut in Germany, he was stressed and felt desperately. Why? He couldn’t speak Deutsch. He felt trouble when he couldn’t tell anything with many people there. Then he studied hard and take some lessons there. He felt it. He don’t want to make all the youngster bachelor felt terrible because of the language. He added that a bachelor should have an added value, including capability in English.

The second, his child, 37 years old man. He is a manager of Hotel in Mulia. His salary is IDR 11 million a month. Then he apply to Chevron which has many facilities and good salary. He is still in a medical check up test. He is an NHI alumni who continued his study abroad. I think, he is an extraordinary child because all his siblings are state employee (PNS). He dares to be different.

The third, this old man ever handled an airport project in Dumai. At that time, Pak Harto and Bu Tien would visit some oil field in Dumai. He got an assignment letter. He was surprised because of the unmatched job. It was not relevant to his background, mechanical engineering. But, the general manager took his potency in leadership. Finally, he could do it. He said that he ever seek many things such as bath and toilet equipments for Bu Tien which was not available in Dumai. He went to Jakarta, Singapore, and many places. Sadly, Bu Tien didn’t use it. Moreover, Pak Harto and Bu Tien went there by chopper. Is it useless?

Frankly, I was so worried of the late time. It was 9 am, and I was still in Gatot Subroto. The transportation was really crowded. Fortunately, I have a telephone number of SHL. I called Mbak Francis, an SHL team. She wanted to wait for my arrival. Thank God.

I reach that place by ojek (bike). I think IDR 10 thousand was so expensive. But, I asked the receptionist of SHL, IDR 10 thousand is usual. I cannot imagine if I live here, Jakarta.

Story from Listening to K-Lite FM

This is the story that I want to share. I have listened to the radio, K-Light FM K-Lite FM this afternoon.
It came from Andri Wongso… I will tell you in bahasa Indonesia.

pemuda diwawancarai direktur

17 November 2008
Pada suatu waktu ada seorang pemuda yang sedang melamar pekerjaan ke sebuah perusahaan besar. Pemuda itu sudah melewati tahap tes pendahuluan, dan tinggal tahap wawancara dengan direktur perusahaan tersebut. Direktur tersebut menanyai pemuda itu. “Hai anak muda, apa cita-cita kamu?”
“Saya memiliki cita-cita duduk sebagai direktur seperti Bapak,” kata pemuda itu.
“Kamu tahu anak muda, untuk bisa menjadi seperti saya harus disertai dengan perjuangan keras dan tidak mudah?”
Pemuda itu mengangguk pertanda setuju.
“Apa pekerjaan orang tuamu, anak muda?” tanya direktur itu.
“Ayah saya telah meninggal sejak saya kecil. Saya dibesarkan oleh ibu saya, yang pekerjaannya berdagang,” jawab anak muda itu.
Kemudian direktur itu bertanya lagi, “Kamu tahu tanggal lahir ibumu?”
Jawab pemuda itu,”Tidak tahu, Pak. Keluarga kami tidak memiliki tradisi ulang tahun.”
“Aku ingin setelah kamu pulang nanti, kamu membasuh kaki ibumu. Setelah itu, datanglah kembali esok.”
Sepulangnya ke rumah, anak muda itu mulai membasuh kaki ibunya. Kaki ibunya yang sudah mulai keriput pertanda tua. Anak muda itu sambil memandangi wajah ibunya. Ibunya berkata, “Anakku, kamu sudah mulai dewasa.” Wajah ibunya mulai mengerut dan matanya menitikkan air mata pertanda terharu terhadap apa yang telah dilakukan oleh anaknya.
Anak muda itu mulai merasakan apa yang dirasakan ibunya. Dia sadar, ibunya sangat berarti baginya.

Sekembalinya ke tempat direktur perusahaan besar itu, anak muda itu ditanyai oleh direktur, “Sudah kau lakukan apa yang kutugaskan kemarin?”
“Sudah, Pak,” jawab pemuda itu.
“Apa yang kau rasakan anak muda?” tanya direktur.
“Saya merasa, ibu sangat berarti bagi saya. Tanpa ibu saya, saya tidak mungkin bisa menjadi seperti ini. Saya harus bisa membahagiakan ibu saya.”

Akhirnya direktur itu menerima anak muda itu bekerja di perusahaannya. Ia yakin hanya seorang yang bisa bersyukur dan memiliki cinta kasih lah yang dapat bekerja dengan sungguh-sungguh.

Buat yang masih memiliki orang tua lengkap, seperti saya, patutlah kita bersyukur terhadap apa yang kita miliki. Buat yang belum memiliki pekerjaan, seperti saya, teruslah berusaha. Usaha sendiri juga bagus. Pekerjaan itu jodoh. Teruslah berusaha untuk mencari jodoh itu. Hehe. 🙂

Terima kasih buat Radio HP LG KG200 yang menemani saya menghabiskan malam selasa ini.
Tomorrow I will go to Jakarta, for psychotest, early in the morning. Hope it will be successful.

I am Yours, kind a beat song

I like I am Yours song. it’s beatful and light, also easy listening. The lyrics is also powerful. Here is the lyrics.

I am Yours

Well you done done done me and you bet I felt it
I tried to get you but you’re so hot that I melted
I fell right through the cracks
and now I’m trying to get back
Before the cool done run out
I’ll be giving it my bestest
Nothing’s going to stop me but divine intervention
I reckon it’s again my turn to win some or learn some

I won’t hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait, I’m yours

Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you’re free
Look into your heart and you’ll find love love love love
Listen to the music of the moment people dance and sing
We’re just one big family
And It’s our God-forsaken right to be loved love loved love loved

So I won’t hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait I’m sure
There’s no need to complicate
Our time is short
This is our fate, I’m yours

Scooch on closer dear
And i will nibble your ear

I’ve been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror
And bending over backwards just to try to see it clearer
But my breath fogged up the glass
And so I drew a new face and laughed
I guess what I’m be saying is there ain’t no better reason
To rid yourself of vanity and just go with the seasons
It’s what we aim to do
Our name is our virtue

I won’t hesitate no more, no more
It cannot wait I’m your’s

Well open up your mind and see like me
Open up your plans and damn you’re free
Look into your heart and you’ll find that the sky is yours
Please don’t, please don’t, please don’t
There’s no need to complicate
Cause our time is short
This this this is out fate, I’m yours!

After Borromeus Morning Mass

Yeah, I was late for a moment.

I followed the Mass, one positive things that I want to start this morning. Mmm, Hope I will feel comfortable for today, this one of my pray. (Btw, sorry Mas Eko in Boston, I forgot to take a picture of Borromeus Church. Tomorrow I will take it! Do you still miss it?). Another pray is, I hope GOD guide me to the job that is fit and best to me!

Then I go back to my rent room in Cisitu.

Teh Irna, my neighbor house who was caring her child, Ryan, told me about her job. Mmm, I got the point. She is a leader of the event organizer team who organized Medco Seminar by Arifin Panigoro. I was surprised because I didn’t know her job before. Good Luck, Teh. I said that I am interested in event organizer work. You can go to many places and know many persons. She said that she have ever gone to Merauke. Wooo… Cool.

She gave me a book from Arifin Panigoro: “Berbisnis itu (tidak) mudah, ” experience and idea of Arifin Panigoro, The forth edition: “No oil, No Dictatorship!” I haven’t read it yet. But I have read the table of contents, that is not far from the first edition book idea.

Back to the topic of the Mass.

Following the Mass makes me aware I should thank God for everything HE gave. The main words today is “Follow ME! without any consideration, including your family and others.” These words contain high philosophy. I believe that if you have full faith, you can easily reach your goal. Now, I start to take my goal.

Thank’s to my sister who give me spirit words, my parents, and my sweetheart. You are meant to me. I will learn to pray well start from now. Although I am a psalmer for a 3 years, I am not a good prayer as GOD wants. TETAP SEMANGAT!!!