Report from Senipah… !

dsci0042cpy.jpg  dsci0055cpy.jpg 

Oh.. it’s not like I imagined b4. Senipah is not bad as I thought. The field is very big and clean. All of the facilities are provided there.

I met 5 OJT persons from ITB. They are Tezar, Popy, Fikri, Dendy, and Dito. They are participants of OJT… Mostly, they have been there for 2 weeks.

B4 met them, I also visited tower in senipah to communicate three areas: Balikpapan, CPA, and Bekapai. Inside the building below the tower, I observed 3 multiplexers, 3 radio,  radio trunking, telkomsel transceiver, and slot for 16E1. There will be equipments for microwave SDH backbone there. and all the practice has been reserved.

2 thoughts on “Report from Senipah… !”

  1. Hi

    Selamat Pagi, Pak. You may like to know that the original tower in Senipah is a 350ft (135m) Rohn #80 type guyed mast. It was installed by my team in 1978 with 1 x 3m Andrews antenna facing Balikpapan and 1 x 2.4m Andrews dish facing Handil Dua up the coast and 2 x 2.4m Andrews dishes in space diversity mode facing to an offshore oil platform. The tower in your picture seems to have the antennas swapped for grid antennas.



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