Yeah… Kambing Guling

Monday, June 25, 2007.


It’s wonderful day for starting my week. I invited to the party in Gunung Utara. There was smoky goat meat… (daging kambing,,,,,) there … It was such a delicious food. Under the tower in Gunung Utara, we, IST/TEL department staffs stood in front of the building and ate that food.

I think it was a rare chance. Icha… poor you coz u r still in Senipah now. πŸ™‚ If u were here…
Thank Pak Joedo who led this party.

We also met Pak Yoke… whoΒ is division head in IST division….
We are in a familiar situation coz some laughs spoiled there. But I think it’s not true or fake… coz people there not show their honest. I felt that.

In the afternoon, incidently i got some snack from Mr Johannes. Mas Hadi and I got it… ! πŸ™‚ Poor u agung and Sabana… We’ve got some Pookies…
THen I was called by Irvan to accompany him back home. An incidently again… I met Tyas, with her friends. I was vry excited coz it’s not very predictable b4. πŸ™‚ It means that I can go touring in Balikpapan by her, beautiful girl that I’ve met here…. πŸ™‚

What I’ve got today?
I learnt data network again from Mas Hadi. Thank Mas Hadi! But I should fix it tomorrow. I forgot to configure some IP address and router/switch brand.

And…. It’s suprised me coz my mentor, Mbak Didi, said that I will be assigned to CPA next week. I hope I will be the one who get lenty of knowledge experience there…

Play Badminton :)

Saturday, June 23, 2007.
Last night I joined jogging in Total employees club. I followed jogging activity start at 5.30 pm, the time after work. I jogging surrounding the mountains in Pertamina housing and several mild forest.

Hoooo… How sweaty I was…

I’ve got a bottle of Ades mineral water and two ‘cek Wan’. I also met several people who mostly works in petrophysics. They are Haris, Risha, Andy, Pak Joko, etc. After that I carried to my kos2an by a motorcycle with Haris. Then I was tired and went to sleep.

In the morning I got up at 6.43 am. It’s such a nice sleep.

And then On Saturday, I went to play badminton. From 8 am – 12 am… It’s such an interesting activity coz it’s my hobby since I was a child.

Same as I did on Jogging last night, I met Haris, Lulus, Andy, Jerry, Pak Joko, and Mas Ary. They are mostly from Petrophysics. Then I had breakfast and lunch in warung near to the Sport Building. What u see? A girl who serve the food is very beautiful πŸ™‚ It made me more spiritous…

Ok… meanwhile at night I will go to Fantasy Mall… But I don’t know the direction at all.

Finally, I didn’t go there. Yudi, Irvan, and I only went to Ramayana Department store. We was just looking around the store and stayed in Book Store for a while. On the way we went to home, we bought kebab, in kebab turki. THere were many people were waiting 4 that food. That made us want to buy that food.

Next Monday… Tyas will come to Balikpapan. She is my ITB students Choir friend. Her hometown is here, Balikpapan. So, I asked her to carry me go walking around this town. Yeah, I hope it will be wonderful.

Oh… I miss my family. But we live separately. My mom and Dad live in Lampung, My sister lives in Solo… Then I live in Balikpapan for 2 months. I hope they are in a good health and happy…

Friday, With Seafood in Kebun Sayur…

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

dsci0002.jpgΒ dsci0001cpy.jpg

I went to the office as usual. I did my visio task… from Mas Hady. I learnt network topology… that connecting router, router-switch, and switch. Actually, I had known network topology between balikpapan, jakarta, senipah, etc. yEAH… actually the network within balikpapan itself is very reliable, bcoz the type of topology is ring topology. But, the network type between each site is only bus topology. It means, there are no redundancy system within its network. Therefore, the system will not reliable if only one of the hub/link is down.

Then at break time… I went to Kebon Sayur with Mas Agung and Mbak Didi (my mentor). I went there by angkot. We ate seafood there. Mbak Didi ate Bawal Fish, while me and Agung ate cumi-cumi (squid). It’s very interesting coz I treated by mbak Didi. πŸ™‚

THen in the afternoon, I joined jogging club. I met several people, mostly from petrophysics department. A person that I knew first is Andy’s, my senior mate in High School. Then, I knew Andy’s friends, include Pak Joko, a person who is contracted by total, from Schlumberger.

Oh… tomorrow I will play badminton. πŸ™‚