My Stomach say, “Thank you, Bananas!”

I don’t know whether there are no bananas in the world. Exactly, I mean, I cannot be as healthy as now I am if I don’t eat banana at least in a month. Let me tell you why this fruit is very important to me, and I love it very much.

Believe it or not, my mind is addicted by this fruit magic. Especially for Ambon Banana. When I’ve got a stomachache, I always take banana as my medicine. I only think when after I eat banana, banana will clear all of the poison and throw it away from my body. After all my poisonous thing in my stomach ache is clear, I will eat with nonpoisonous food. Then, case closed and I get healthy again.It is just a suggestive medicine, but it is effective for me. How about you? Can you tell me what your stomachache medicine is?

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