About Me


It’s been a long day without writing this blog.

I …

am now a master student in Computer Science.

am living in blasting city, Jakarta.

love creating music and writing anything.

love reading and listening to the music.

am a husband of ophthalmologist.

am coming back!

16 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. coro,

    itu di atas…
    gambar colour card pabrik cat mana?
    pastinya sih bukan pabrik gw, hahaha.
    kita punya warna lebih banyak dari itu, hihihihihi…

    #tertarik liat gambar colour card-nya#


  2. Hiyah … Icha dan Coro memasang foto ketika KP … heu heu …
    Sesama makhluk EL ber-foto satu tema … hihihi …

    Dmn skr c?


  3. Hello Coro,

    While looking for pictures of Roel Calister i came unto a picture of you and his sister Izaline Calister! I’m on the other end of the world: on the island of Curacao where Izaline and Roel are from. I’m glad you liked her music and performance, Roel (he’s the drummer in her band) is a friend of mine and i go see their concerts whenever they are back on bthe island.
    As i couldn’t make out the language at first, but then found out it was Indonesian i kind of enjoyed your blog.
    Internet is really something, isn’t it?
    Good luck on your blog. I hope the vulcano isn’t doing too much harm. This year has been too full of nature’s disasters already.

    greetings, or as we say: AYO!


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