Dear ITB,

It was a million proud, my parents said. I enter at ITB. “I am proud of you, son… !” they said.

But, Are my parents still proud of me now? I think, yes.

Thanks… ITB. You give me some chances that I cannot resist. You give me friends… You give me knowledges, everything.

My final project is still running. Can I reach the target that I will graduate in July? I hope so. Thanks to Pak Sigit who guides me in writing, simulating, and organizing my idea. TOP, lah… Thanks to Pak Trio and Pak Adit as well. You are the expert. 🙂 nice.

My Birthday

Today is my birthday. I am 21 years old now. My girlfriend, Tere, said her greeting this night and gave me some gift. Mmm, Then, My family, my sister, my Mom & Dad, Imel, Mezo, Kristian, Caleuy, Novri, etc. also said greetings. Mmm, What are my birthday wishes?

1. Graduate from this lovely campus

2. Apply some jobs, and get it.

3. Be positive, Not being a temperamental person

4. More loving my family, my Mom, Dad, and sister.

Hopefully I am blessed… being more kind and always be myself.

Back to My Home Village

Not a hometown. But a home village. I said that because of my home is in a quite and remote village. Yeah, My home is in Lampung. I went there for being home, visiting my beloved parents. Mmm, it was an interesting. Looking at my parents are healthy is a wonderful thing.

It made me aware that what I have done in Bandung and Jogja has so many meaning. It was a process. I am not a child anymore now. I should make them happy in their whole life. You know, I am lucky being their child. Careness, love, faith, and many things they have taught me bring me like this. Thank’s Mom and Dad. I love you very much.

Tuesday (29/4), I went to Lampung. I don’t have any story to tell about the trip because it was night and I couldn’t see the scenery. It is 10 p.m. from my rent room. I asked my kind friend, Nantha, to carry me to Leuwi Panjang. Thank’s, Dud! Then from Leuwi Panjang, I rode a bus to Merak harbor. A half past three a.m. I arrived Merak. Then continue to ride a Ferry, acrossed Sunda Strait. The next destination is Bakauheni Harbor. After 2 hours in a ship, I rode a travel to Panjang, a place before Bandar Lampung. It was 8 a.m. Then, I might ride a public transportation to reach my home. It was such a tiring trip. But then I was really happy because home and parents near to me.

I spent for 4 days. I did many activities there. I did my final project, went to Church, pray together every morning, recover my nutrients by eating :), and many more ( I think it is an important activity… mmmm!). I also attended my friend’s marriage mass in Church. They are Ismunadi and Nita. Mmm, it’s such a quick time I think. I feel like just yesterday he and I play on a Sunday School in Church.. 🙂 Congrats, Man! Be a good father and husband!

Sadly, four days is over. Sunday afternoon, 3 p.m. I leaved my home. By an ‘ojek’ I went down the hill. The way is the same as the first way I went to. In a ferry ship, I enter the executive class, only paid 8 thousand rupiahs extra price to get a cozy room with an air conditioner. There was an ‘organ tunggal’ entertainment. There were two singers and some passangers tried to sing. Mmm, Indonesia like dangdut, right? It is true. Why? The first five songs are Pop, but the next request songs are dangdut. Mmm, nope. Even I don’t like dangdut very much, I enjoyed it. I just watched them and did not participate to sing.

The ship leaned on the Merak Harbor at 8 p.m. Then I rode a bus which goes to Bandung.

Having arrived Leuwi Panjang Bus Station in Bandung, I might wait for an hour in a public transportation car because there are only a few passanger. It is not comfortable.. I arrived my rent room at 3.30 a.m. As a result, I spent 2 hours from Leuwi Panjang Bus Station to Cisitu. It was crazy…

I calculate how much money I spent for transportation. Here it is:

Mmm, the trip style like this is cheaper than I went to Lampung by a direct bus. I can save some money. Let me compare:

My trip style:
Bandung-Merak Bus: 45.000; Ferry Ship: 10.500 + 8.000 (extra price for executive class); travel to Tanjung Karang/ Bandar Lampung: 30.000. Total: IDR 92.500,00

Direct bus Bandung-Bandar Lampung: IDR 150.000,00.

Then I can save IDR 67.500,00.