Dear ITB,

It was a million proud, my parents said. I enter at ITB. “I am proud of you, son… !” they said.

But, Are my parents still proud of me now? I think, yes.

Thanks… ITB. You give me some chances that I cannot resist. You give me friends… You give me knowledges, everything.

My final project is still running. Can I reach the target that I will graduate in July? I hope so. Thanks to Pak Sigit who guides me in writing, simulating, and organizing my idea. TOP, lah… Thanks to Pak Trio and Pak Adit as well. You are the expert. πŸ™‚ nice.

2 thoughts on “ITB oh ITB”

  1. when my parent knew that ITB took me as its student…

    “…Oh you should have…you must…dont be so proud of it…”

    so be proud of yourself mate…coz at least ur parents was proud of u…


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