Remembering my High School Group Band

Jealous. This word reminds me my High School phase. Why? It is because my high school group band played Jealously, by Queen. I rememeber my band, which is personalized by wonderful and talented persons. They are Sastro in drum, Jati and Yogi in guitar, Yoyok in bass guitar, and I am in vocal. This group band named Wendellyn.

Maybe all of you still reminds, our first debute in Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta in gedung Purna Budaya? Sorry, my vocal production is not appropriate for those kind of rock songs: “Pelangi by Boomerang”. Recently, I realize that I am not a rocker. Have you remember that I can’t reach some high notes on Sweet Child’s of Mine? Haha…It made our band didn’t pass the qualifications.

Unfortunately, our band is over when I was in second grade of high school. 😦

Kya… kya… Remembering it makes me laugh at all. 🙂 And recently, we have different and separated life now. We are final university students in various universities in Indonesia. Jati took Medicine Faculty in UNS (University State of Surakarta), Yoyok took Mechanical Engineering in Gadjah Mada University, Yogi took Accounting in STAN, while Sastro and I are still in the same major and same university, Bandung Institute of Technology. Nobody chose Musical Faculty. 🙂

I think everyone of us has girlfriend. You know, I have just got it, guys! It is about 5 months ago. It is a wonderful thing. After such years I am alone, without girls. Now, I am no STMJ, no SLJJ, anymore! Would you like to share your experience when dating? Haha… How did you feel, guys?

When You Believe

I have just listened to the song: When You Believe. It is such a beautiful song. It has beautiful lyrics. And those lyrics taught me how to struggle my life. “it can happen, you can achieve, when you believe!”

Yes, you can achieve when you believe! Even it is really hard! Don’t be afraid!

This night has a full moon. The air is heavy with the aromatic of flowers. Stars is easy to look, now. Thank God, for everything that You have given to me. My family, my soul mate, my friends, and many things that I cannot explain. When I believe, I can reach and achieve everything. When You will.

In the middle of this night, I cannot sleep easily. I have been slept for 3 hours this day. 🙂

Catholic Churches in Bandung

A French said that European Churches have became tourism spots instead of praying places. I don’t know it is true or not. But in Indonesia, Churches are still a holly place to pray especially for Christians.


There are five Churches that I have visited in Bandung. They are Cathedral, St. Boromeus, St. Melania, St. Therecia (Karmel), and St. Laurentius. Exactly, I have ever visited Pandu Church, near by Istana Plaza, Jl. Pajajaran. But I don’t have a photo.

Cathedral Church, Jl. Merdeka

St. Boromeus

St. Melania, near by Jl. Diponegoro (Geology Museum)

St. Therecia, Lembang

St. Laurentius

Mostly, the churches are Netherland inheritance. Especially for St. Boromeus and Cathedral. I usually follow Mass in one of them.

Birthday, getting twenties

I don’t wanna think it was contrast with my previous post. It is just a fun. I don’t wanna post more seriously.

Happy Birthday, Wisnu! Hope you always be blessed! 



it is not an advertisement… !



in front of a place of Karaoke 



Order some songs



Cool Men…


The song of the day is Exist: Mencari Alasan. Awal expressed his feeling deeply. Haha… 🙂 


Poverty in a Modern Society

When I wrote this post, I met a mother who asked me to give her some helps. She said that she and her child had walked from Lembang. She wanted to go to Leuwi Panjang. She asked me what is the public transportation which will carry them. I didn’t care she lied or not (I think yes!). I gave her some money transportation, as I did before with the same reason. I think it was a classic trick. A human is forced to lied because of hunger.

Under the fly over of Pasupati Bandung, I shotted some photos. Maybe they are very sensitive, but they are real. They are surrounding us! 

Woken up by noise of business 



Struggling His Life 



Walking Without Looking at



Peace in Sleep

It was coincidently written by me in Aula Barat ITB, in the evening.