Poverty in a Modern Society

When I wrote this post, I met a mother who asked me to give her some helps. She said that she and her child had walked from Lembang. She wanted to go to Leuwi Panjang. She asked me what is the public transportation which will carry them. I didn’t care she lied or not (I think yes!). I gave her some money transportation, as I did before with the same reason. I think it was a classic trick. A human is forced to lied because of hunger.

Under the fly over of Pasupati Bandung, I shotted some photos. Maybe they are very sensitive, but they are real. They are surrounding us! 

Woken up by noise of business 



Struggling His Life 



Walking Without Looking at



Peace in Sleep

It was coincidently written by me in Aula Barat ITB, in the evening. 

3 thoughts on “Poverty in a Modern Society”

  1. I ever met with people like that… if a man i didn’t give him some money moreover if he look strong. But if who came to me is women, i gave her my money with no reason at all. .. I don’t car if she is lied or not.. just becase a women


  2. When I see pictures like these, I see I have nothing to complain about. I’m not struggling for survival to the extent these people are. My needs are not basic. I have a roof over my head and food on the table. I may not like whom I live with but my struggle is not to the extent that I have to beg on the streets for my existance.


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