Viterbi decoder for Forward Error Control in Communication System

What is that? I didn’t know it first! But, why I took it as my final assignment (thesis) topic? Coz I do believe that my choice is the best and I can do it. I don’t want to change my mind to change the topic, coz it’s too hard. I know well the mentor: Edes, I know that he is very expert in this subject! I also know well Rudy, my senior friend that the topic is relatively closed to me.

Last Thursday, I have learned Decoder Viterbi, as an overview; what and how?. One thing that I have learned, is… it’s all about digital technique… I have learned the subject we usually said: Teknik Digital (Tekdig) at 3rd semester. I should remind hamming distance, flip-flop, input, output concept, XOR, binary bits, etc.

Today, I start to seriously learn my project. I hope I will do the best, and I will have finished my thesis on December 2007, in the end of this year. I have planned in a timeline.. and I want to start the thesis…

My target is: I wanna graduate on July, but, It doesn’t matter if I will go to graduation ceremony on October… only if I graduate on July. I should finish my ITB Students Choir project: ITB Choir Festival until August 2007. Let me share my final assignment, and help me if you are the one who expert in Viterbi Decoder! I hope I will do the Best… May God bless me!!!

Forever Love

(adopted from Indonesian Song; Selamanya Cinta; dedicated to sum1 who wants to start; and is still confused whether love me or not!- hopefully)

When the heart is worried,
And a thousand considerations come to FORCE me!
Missing you is always in my mind.

If I can read your mind,
With million of hopes I really want to fly

I don’t care that the clouds are also worried
the leaves are falling
But your love, darling;
is rising such as a star
That shine and enlight my soul…

I wish I could confess my feeling
That can make you trust me
I would give you a whole of my love
forever and ever…

Bakso Mandeep in front of Istiqomah Mosque

Have you ever eaten bakso?

I think mostly people love bakso. For bakso lover, You should try the Bakso Mandeep in front of Istiqomah Mosque. It’s near by Jalan Riau Bandung. You will get low price! Imagine that siomay, tahu, and fried bakso is only IDR 5hundreed, small bakso IDR 1000, and big bakso: Rp. 2500. Haha…

Enjoy your food by yourself coz you can take the bakso as much as you want! You can take it by yourself (self service!).


Last time I went there with my closed friend, my dearest girl… She feels happy coz it’s first time she went there. For you, boys, or girls who want to spend a time to eat Bakso, Visit that place: Bakso Mandeep Malang, in front of Istiqomah Mosque. Do it, and Enjoy!

Hard Weeks but It’s very sweet…

You know, I’ve got a lot of problems; from my study, life, my friend’s trouble, and my love journey. But, I enjoyed it. you know… It started from September 9th, Mezo was sick at hospital, my friend got accident, and so on. But I had several solutions to solve it: one of them is Pray!

And God answered my pray… u know, my life now is more colorful. I have many friends in my life who always motivate me to do my task, study, etc. I am also getting in a close relationship with a girl, as my special friend, that give me spirit… thank you so much, …. I hope, I will hv a chance to be her special person, in her life. (Hopefully!)

God, bless me to do everything such as study, activity in ITB choir, love, friendship, and family. I hope I can manage and enjoy it.