Hard Weeks but It’s very sweet…

You know, I’ve got a lot of problems; from my study, life, my friend’s trouble, and my love journey. But, I enjoyed it. you know… It started from September 9th, Mezo was sick at hospital, my friend got accident, and so on. But I had several solutions to solve it: one of them is Pray!

And God answered my pray… u know, my life now is more colorful. I have many friends in my life who always motivate me to do my task, study, etc. I am also getting in a close relationship with a girl, as my special friend, that give me spirit… thank you so much, …. I hope, I will hv a chance to be her special person, in her life. (Hopefully!)

God, bless me to do everything such as study, activity in ITB choir, love, friendship, and family. I hope I can manage and enjoy it.  

One thought on “Hard Weeks but It’s very sweet…”

  1. cit cuit..

    mentang2 saiki wes ono gandengan nek neng greja.

    kapan ki mangan2 ? 😛

    Jo lali ak dikenalke kanca2 ne seng ayu2 :p



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