Physic and Psycho, Head and Tail of Coins?

Playing tennis has been cancelled this Friday evening. I was so disapointed because I should reschedule my sport time. I just wanna think positively and try to find another sport activity. Then I called my friend to do some sport. Bonga, which was in Bogor, said that Cukong would go to gym center. Mmm, It was a good idea. I loved it. I would like to spend my time usefully. “This is what I want.”

I met Asep, Cukong, and Dony, a Cukong’s classmate. We just spent for one hour there because there were many people doing gym. I felt tired too. Maybe, next time, I will be a member of this gym. I went back to my rent room and cleaned it.

One thing that I want to share onto you, it is about psycho thing. It is not easy to accept a reluctance. But, I just want to think positively. I learnt the good point today: “Don’t too much trust all promises in the world! You will lose your time if the promise just shout and gone!” Be careful with the promise. Nobody wants to be slaved by promises. But, I salute to people who make some promises and fulfill it. I want to be like them.

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