Drawning again!

There’s such thing that i couldn’t suppose…

but it happened again.. and again…

But i don’t give up! I don’t give up!

I will do it again till i can do it well! All I wanna wish will come true! (i think you don’t understand what’s d meaning of my writing, but mE! :((

Briefing at total E&P Jakarta (5th June 2007)

Actually… firstly… i went to jakarta by travel Xtrans.. I was accompanied by Icha and Farida (TI 04) who are the participant s of the internship there…

We went to Jakarta (from cihampelas at 7.00 am) and arrived at Kuningan Plaza at 09.30 am. We were excited coz in that building I met other ITB students such as San-san (Microbiology 04), Popi and Vitra (TL/environmental Engineering 04), also Mas Ivan (Geology Engineering 03) who will do his thesis there.

Exactly… we met Mrs Anti, Mrs Shanty.. who are HRD ones. They were very kind. We had got a short presentation from Mrs Shanty which explained TOTAL company globally, hierarchical of the company, and the culture of works. We also had an explanation about Balikpapan city, how people live there and how we can survive there. I was very excited and can’t help going there, buds!

I am going to Balikpapan on Sunday, 10th June 2007… exactly… at 2 pm at Soekarno Hatta airport by Garuda Indonesia. I think it will be my first experience going sumwhere by plane. (and it’s very nice coz it’s free!)

I’ll do my own way and will use this opportunity as well as I am. I can’t stand here and I can’t help going to Balikpapan! .. I’ll be there. 🙂

Last B’day celebration

when my bday… 19th May 2007, i treated my friends to kembang pare.. which is located in Halmahera street.. near to jalan Riau!
it is a wonderful place there… u can sit with the legs cross pluss pillow in that desk.
Bob, Bonga, Apis, Riza, and Adrie are my housemates in Bandung. They are invited by me to celebrate my bday.
They all are ITB students except adrie.

We enjoyed that food and place. Why? because the atmosphere is very hommy and traditional… also the food is very delicious.
That the second time i’ve ever gone there.

The main menu that you should order is nasi liwet. Although that food is special food from Solo…, the taste and
is very delicious… for me (B’coz ive never eat nasi liwet originally from solo!) . I paid IDR 69000 for one packet of nasi liwet. You will get a cattle of rice and
a chicken.. (complete… without head! vegetables and sambal ). Each packet of nasi liwet can be eaten by 4 men or 5 women.
You will be satisfied! I guarantee it! 🙂

Whdya think ’bout haggard or pointed face….?

is it good or not?
As my friend thought, aryo, He said that the people with haggard face make him is liked by women!
Really i don’t believe it first… Why? Because there is a girl… tell me that i should increase my weight
bcoz she doesn’t like my haggard face….

i was confused..
but now… i should be confident bcoz evryone in d world hv unique image. there will be better if it applies in choosed person, lke me! ??
and now… i just think ’bout health by doing sport and eat nutritious food.
it will make me heaalthy, right?