After Borromeus Morning Mass

Yeah, I was late for a moment.

I followed the Mass, one positive things that I want to start this morning. Mmm, Hope I will feel comfortable for today, this one of my pray. (Btw, sorry Mas Eko in Boston, I forgot to take a picture of Borromeus Church. Tomorrow I will take it! Do you still miss it?). Another pray is, I hope GOD guide me to the job that is fit and best to me!

Then I go back to my rent room in Cisitu.

Teh Irna, my neighbor house who was caring her child, Ryan, told me about her job. Mmm, I got the point. She is a leader of the event organizer team who organized Medco Seminar by Arifin Panigoro. I was surprised because I didn’t know her job before. Good Luck, Teh. I said that I am interested in event organizer work. You can go to many places and know many persons. She said that she have ever gone to Merauke. Wooo… Cool.

She gave me a book from Arifin Panigoro: “Berbisnis itu (tidak) mudah, ” experience and idea of Arifin Panigoro, The forth edition: “No oil, No Dictatorship!” I haven’t read it yet. But I have read the table of contents, that is not far from the first edition book idea.

Back to the topic of the Mass.

Following the Mass makes me aware I should thank God for everything HE gave. The main words today is “Follow ME! without any consideration, including your family and others.” These words contain high philosophy. I believe that if you have full faith, you can easily reach your goal. Now, I start to take my goal.

Thank’s to my sister who give me spirit words, my parents, and my sweetheart. You are meant to me. I will learn to pray well start from now. Although I am a psalmer for a 3 years, I am not a good prayer as GOD wants. TETAP SEMANGAT!!!

2 thoughts on “After Borromeus Morning Mass”

  1. Wah, Kapel Borromeus ya? Kenangan yang tak terlupakan.. Dulu sering misa pagi (5:45 kalo ga salah).. celebrant-nya (Alm) Mgr. Alexander Djajasiswaja, Uskup Bandung waktu itu…
    Foto-fotonya ditunggu ya 🙂


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