A Journey to Jakarta (part 1)

Yesterday I got up so early in the morning. Why? because I wanna go to Jakarta. I should reach the Senopati Raya street, SHL office, at 9 am for a corporate recruitment psycho test. I wanna thank Bryan, my girlfriend’s young brother, who carried me to Baraya travel. He made me get ready up at 5 am.

I hope I will get the first schedule of the travel, at 5.30 am. But, sadly, the first travel was chartered by passengers to airport. That condition made me start the journey at 6 am.

During the journey, I met an old man who sitted near by me beside the driver. He wanted to do a business thing with someone in Blok M, Jakarta. Oooo, he told me that he is a Pertamina employee pension. He started to join Pertamina in 1968 and ran his first job in Papua. Wow, I can imagine that 1968 was five years after clustering Irian Barat with Indonesia. He said that Papua at that time is really lack of leaders. He dare to take that chance and gained his chance to Germany and Japan. He was 22 years old at that time.

orang tua dan anak

He asked me where do I want to go. I told him my destination, Senopati Street. He talked too much. Maybe because of many experiences that he got during his jobs, for 30 years.

I can classified his story into three sections. The first is about his debut in Germany, the second is about his child who gain the recruitment process in Chevron as a accomodation manager, and the third is his experience when take an airport project in Dumai, Riau.

First, he said onto me, “It is no use for studying if you don’t have capability in English.” He is really concerned about alumni of Indonesian Bachelor who do not have capability both of speaking and writing in English. He told me that because of his debut in Germany, he was stressed and felt desperately. Why? He couldn’t speak Deutsch. He felt trouble when he couldn’t tell anything with many people there. Then he studied hard and take some lessons there. He felt it. He don’t want to make all the youngster bachelor felt terrible because of the language. He added that a bachelor should have an added value, including capability in English.

The second, his child, 37 years old man. He is a manager of Hotel in Mulia. His salary is IDR 11 million a month. Then he apply to Chevron which has many facilities and good salary. He is still in a medical check up test. He is an NHI alumni who continued his study abroad. I think, he is an extraordinary child because all his siblings are state employee (PNS). He dares to be different.

The third, this old man ever handled an airport project in Dumai. At that time, Pak Harto and Bu Tien would visit some oil field in Dumai. He got an assignment letter. He was surprised because of the unmatched job. It was not relevant to his background, mechanical engineering. But, the general manager took his potency in leadership. Finally, he could do it. He said that he ever seek many things such as bath and toilet equipments for Bu Tien which was not available in Dumai. He went to Jakarta, Singapore, and many places. Sadly, Bu Tien didn’t use it. Moreover, Pak Harto and Bu Tien went there by chopper. Is it useless?

Frankly, I was so worried of the late time. It was 9 am, and I was still in Gatot Subroto. The transportation was really crowded. Fortunately, I have a telephone number of SHL. I called Mbak Francis, an SHL team. She wanted to wait for my arrival. Thank God.

I reach that place by ojek (bike). I think IDR 10 thousand was so expensive. But, I asked the receptionist of SHL, IDR 10 thousand is usual. I cannot imagine if I live here, Jakarta.

2 thoughts on “A Journey to Jakarta (part 1)”

  1. belum tau mas arif, hehe. didoakan saja karena masih menunggu. btw, selamet yow wis neng telkom! mangan2 ki…. sudah perjanjian di kebon binatang, to…? kalo nggak, jadi siamang, kau! :p


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