Mandiri Entrepreneurship Workshop

Last June 2nd at West Hall ITB, I joined Wirausaha Muda Mandiri (WMM). It was so fun. It is not only because of Dian Sastro and Artika Sari Devi, but also the subject of the workshop that opened my mind. There were caliber speaker such as Rhenald Kasali, Iman Taufiq, and many succeed entrepreneurs.
Here are my screen shoots:

I also sang with ITB Students Choir there. We sang Bendera, Bangun Pemudi Pemuda, and I Believe I Can Fly. For the last song, I didn’t sing anymore because of my sleepiness.

I enjoyed this workshop, and I was so delightful when my friends, Rico, Nanta, etc., known this workshop by my posts at Civitas milis. We’ve got a reward of transportation fee, a laptop bag, lunch, coffee break, and dinner. Btw, for participants of this workshop, you should take the certificate at PCAD ITB.

Then Rico and I went to Setyo’s house to join Makrab EL 04. ow ow…

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