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Playing Badminton in Cisitu “Dua Putra” Sport Hall with Classmates

Since 3 months ago, regularly, every Sunday afternoon start at 4.30 am my classmates and I play Badminton in Cisitu. But yesterday, there are many newcomers joined who are also my classmates joined that sport. It was interesting, and we extended our charge time until 7.30 am because of it.

Here the cell phone screenshot are (sorry for bad resolution!):

Hendra, Coro, Farid, Nanta, Komeng

Farid, Nanta, Komeng, Coro, Anjas

There were also previous screen shoot on Last Month.

Komeng, Mao, Koes, Luhur, Farid, Nanta

Komeng, Coro, Koes, Farid, Nanta, Luhur

It is a good thing for our health, while we have tremendous pressure from our final project and study. Just for a while to lose our stress. Sorry for other friends who are not in those photos, they are Dodik, Rizky, and Eri. I don’t have it, man! Maybe next time. J

Playing Tennis in Bandung Air Force Mess Tennis Court

The sky was so dark when Nantha, Komeng, and I went to the Tennis Court. The clock showed 3 pm. Apparently, it was going to rain. The tennis court is located in Jalan Pajajaran, the part of Bandung Air Force Mess, and we hoped that in that place, it was not raining. We have fortune…, It was not going to rain anymore.

We have made an appoinment with Letnan Amos. He said that we can play tennis there, for free. It was a nice offer for us. We took it. Mmm, because Nantha and I never play tennis before, we are so amateur. It was my first experience playing tennis. But Komeng is the best tennis player among us.
Nantha and I played single and I have lose in the game for 4-6 score. It was a pity because I haven’t had ability to make a service better than him. Yes, that was my lack. But, the good point is I can do better than nothing. Yeah, finnaly, I have ever played tennis. Thank’s Amos for the free tennis court. I have been playing tennis for 3 hours there. If I compared with sabuga tennis court, I will spend 40 thousand rupiahs. Yeah, I save the money for the movie tonight, with my girlfriend. But, maybe I will sleep on the theatre because I am sleepy now.
Next time, We will play tennis again, right!
Thank You.

Badminton Match

Sunday, July 22, 2007.

In the middle of rain, early in the morning at 8.00am, I went to Budiman Sport Hall, near to Budiman/Bina Kutai Hotel. My objective is gonna join the match, to play badminton as a player of IST (Information System and Telecommunication) Division. The match is held in the framework of Independence day, August 17, 2007.


This was a group match. And it’s the continuous match after last Wednesday we lose in the game. There might be 3 part of match. Two double and one mixed double. I played with Pak Tulus in double match category.

I’ve got heart beat… (Deg-degan, guYs!) and finally, We won the first set…. 15-13. But… suddenly we lose our concentration and got lose in the second and third set with 9-15 and 2-15. It’s very hard…. (coz I know, that exactly we can win… !)

While in another match, Mas Agung and Pak Karyono also lose… (ogh,….)

No problem…. I was satisfied in that game… coz I spent my energy in that game. Probably, I can win the next match… (I don’t know… maybe if I were an employee in TOTAL E&P Indonesie, I will continue my career as a badminton player as an IST division emissary). (watcha…. !)

Sport Match

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

At night, There was a match: Indonesia vs South Korea. And, as u know, Indonesia was lose that match. Sadly, just 1-0 for indonesia.
Then I had to go to Meteor Sport building near to Makro Department store in Balikpapan to join the match of badminton… sadly, I lose. I was matched with Reswa in mixed double categories. This make me be ashamed… but no matter.
Yeah, then I went to kos2an. Mr Karyono carried me to.
Exactly I was disapointed coz today I have to go to Meteor by angkot,… whereas, before I had an appointment with Andien to carry me with. But… misunderstanding … (no matter, lah)
So today what is my lucky? I’ve got a t-shirt of independence day!
haha… I think it’s very good….

Played Badminton and Road to Melawai…

Saturday, June 30, 2007
I played badminton in GOR, jalan Senayan. As same as last Saturday, Andi, Haris, Lulus, Pak Joko, Jeri, Riksa, an old man, and I… came there…
I was very sorry bcoz I smashed Lulus’ eyes!!! (sorry Lus, I just very spiritous! haha)
Then in the afternoon, I went to Melawai Beach (again :(= in 3rd time!!!)

pantai-5.jpg  pantai-2.jpg   pantai-25.jpg
But I went there with Tyas, Ikhsan, Reswa, Dika, Yudi, and Irvan. We enjoyed food there… and took some pictures.
At 8 pm, we went to Monumen Perjuangan… We enjoyed full moon…