I think, today is my starting point

I just arrived at Jakarta 11.30 pm last night. It’s quite hard because of the heavy rain along the Cipularang road. I rode travel and taxi.

Monday. Today is my 11th day work in Jakarta. I haven’t done some heavy works. Be glad today I am aware that I should be the one who is familiar with some tools. Many heavy books… many english version of books, computer and telecommunication acronym vocabulary. Frankly, it is confusing. Yeah, it is totally new for me.

Be glad and be confused is the main of the day.

I have another opportunity. But, I don’t know… is it my life path? hopefully, I am not the one who is wrong to choose.


3 thoughts on “I think, today is my starting point”

  1. you choose the best for your life, be glad to it! and be blessed, too 😉
    canggih lah kawan awa yg satu ini, yeay!


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