What is SEO? Is it related to Google Adsense?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an optimization of page design, content, link, and anything in your web. You can call it in a slang word: web architecture. The aim is to reach good rank in Google search engine.

Have you ever been realized that your blog become a good rank in Google?

It is true that many people say that nowadays is “a crazy era”. How? Some of people get their income only work at home, without going nowhere. Without have a store. Without go to the office. Without graduation certificate. Without a big capital. So, How?

Now, there are many marketing or business online in internet. An unreal business, but the income is real! One of them is Google Adsense business.

Back to SEO… My PSM ITB friend, Uli, who works in Dubai said that, “Yup, the condition is: if there are many surfers click at your blog” Yup, I agree with her. When many surfers click on my web, my chance to make my Google Adsense being clicked is increase. My income is depend on “pay per click” of my advertisement.

Unfortunately, WordPress still don’t permit to attach Google Adsense in a free WordPress edition. But actually, I have registered this blog… since 6 months ago. My income is still $ 0.0. I never notice it. Maybe blogspot can help me. Or, I will change my domain.

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