There are many things to learn

There are many things to learn this week. I should divide many things. Times, life, family, work, and love. Perhaps it makes my daily life not controlled. I cannot sleep tightly, I cannot smile freely. But, I think there are also many people who didn’t get the experiences.

Thank God, You give me everything. That’s all.

Next step. Repairing my mental and physics. For work and learn and learn. (should I be bored?)

One thought on “There are many things to learn”

  1. life is endless borderless learning man…all we have to do is manage and push to the best ^_^

    at the transition time in our life, like being fresh graduate who is about to enter new world of career, mentality is the key. new environment, short adaptation period available, given pressure, etc etc…al of those things can drive you down if you can not bear it…

    wise man said to me that when you graduated from university, you will becoming a baby again…means that we know nothing about our new world and what lies ahead, therefore we have to learn 😀


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