Go To Surabaya and Pandaan (2)

On the second day, I left Taman Dayu Residence to go to Sukorejo Plant. This place contains Machine Kretek ciggarete factory. I didn’t have a chance to enter the factory, but in the company profile movie, I got that the machine can produce eighty thousand more ciggarete a day.

We met the management of PT. HM Sampoerna Tbk. Again, it was very interesting because I could learn how Sampoerna succeed, started from the founder, Mr. Sampoerna (Leem Sing Tee) until Philip Morris International (PMI) acquisition. In this opportunity, we had a discussion session. Someone asked them about why Sampoerna family sold the equity to PMI. The answer is clear that the family sold when the price of equity was in the peak position. No intervention at all.

After the interesting discussion with the management, we took photo session with the management. Then, we went to the training centre of Sampoerna. There are many training programs there. This program is a part of Contribution and Corporate Social Responsibility to the surrounding society. There are entrepreneurship program, Cow Livestock and disemenisation of papaya program, clean water program, cultivation of rice planting method with SRI (System of Rice Intensification), etc. My groups, Rungkut 1, got the clean water program topic. Unfortunately, I couldn’t follow the observation because of uncomfortable body at that time.

Then we had dinner at “Ayam Bakar Cianjur”. šŸ™‚ It is funny because we came from West Java and we again ate dinner at West Javanese restaurant. Nope. The food were ready to be eaten in each tables. During the time of our dinner, we talked about East Java governor election, Lapindo, the campus policy, etc. I think the best student is appropriate for them, because they really care about the Indonesia situation.

Then, we went to Surabaya city and arrived Novotel by bus. I always took the front chair of the bus with Fermi.

Ooooh… I slept tightly because Fajar (Undip) have treat me due to my uncomfortable body, by balm-scratching my body. Thanks, Dude!

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