Go to Surabaya and Pandaan (1)

It is a pleasure that I am chosen by my campus to follow the “Sampoerna Best Student Visit 2008 Program” in Surabaya and Pandaan, East Java. It is such as a study tour program during July 23-27, 2008. This is an annualy program, and 2008 is 4th year. By plane (Merpati) started from Husein Sastranegara Airport, with 14 mixed of ITB, Unpad, and Unpar students, I went to Juanda Airport. Arrived there, we met other students from Gadjah Mada University, Surabaya University, ITS, UNS, etc. Then, by bus, we went to Taman Dayu Residence in Pandaan, Pasuruhan. During the journey, I saw the dike of Lapindo outpouring gas. There was Eko, an ITS students who guided us. He said that the Lapindo outpouring gas now has changed to be a touring object, that is traded from surrounding society. Arrived at Taman Dayu Residence, we are devided into several residence. Pak Tole, a SAR team leader, said that Soeharto, Gus Dur, Megawati, and SBY have ever slept at VIP residence, called Bromo. I think it is such a suite place in Jawa Timur, because the back side of the residence facing the golf park. There is also a mini swimming pool there. I slept in Welirang residence for one night with other nine students. There are many activities today. Flag Market Games. This was very interesting. We are devided into several groups. We have task to buy the materials, produce, and sell the flags. The price of each materials and flags are fluctuative. It is such a mini business game. Our mision is to get the benefit. My groups, called Dji Sam Soe, lose 13.500 out. 🙂 Though, we are the third best group. Not bad. Again, We have been chosen as a best yell group. 🙂 At night, we have a gathering dinner at the park. It is very interesting. Some of the students from each university introduce themselves. Unfortunately, it is not cover all of the students because the time was limited. There were 89 students followed the program. The students come from 18 universities in Indonesia, start from USU to UNHAS. Salam Ganesha have been proudly presented by ITB students, (including me). My room mate are Rozy (Unibraw) and Harbun (UNS). I slept tightly. But I forgot to switch the air conditioner off. Then unfortunately, I’ve got a head ache. I want to thank Farid Baskoro, my best friend, who carried me to the airport early in the morning at 4.30 am. I’ll bring you something from Surabaya, buddy! THank’s so much.

6 thoughts on “Go to Surabaya and Pandaan (1)”

  1. Coro …
    Finally I found one more participant on the Flag Game … hehehe …
    DSS team … The third winner and the Best Yell … (I try to recall your face …)
    (ini yang yell-yellnya diawali dengan mahasiswi centil banget itu ya …)

    PSM ITB ??? hhhmmm boleh juga ini … (still the best student choir in this country)

    (the trainer)


  2. yoi, Om… Hehe…
    absolutely right!

    I think PSM ITB is one of the best student choirs. There are many student choirs that are also the best…. (Unpar Choir, one of them… )

    But, doakan kami, Om… bakal bikin acara FPS (Festival Paduan Suara) XXI ITB 2008! Tertarik untuk datang ke Bandung?
    24-31 Agustus 2008…

    click: http://www.fpsitb.net


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