New toy: Skype

Thanks to Kemas Zakki who told me how to use Skype with my laptop in my beloved Campus. Mmm, just configured some port and proxy setting. 🙂 But, yet I don’t have friends who use this skype. only you and Boma (i don’t have it yet), Zak! (my id of skype: arikuncoro) Would you add me as your buddy list? please, do!

By having this account, I have a free call VoIP for the other skype accounts. If I want to call some PSTN number, handphone, or international call, I should have some ‘voucher’ by purchasing it via credit card. It is 10 euro. Sadly, I haven’t credit card yet. So, I just wanna tell you, if you have a laptop, please… have skype ID.. (for my friends who want to keep contact closely by this VoIP tools).

Yahoo and Google also have VoIP tools by Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk. But, I have never tried it before. Therefore I can’t compare them. But, my friends, Komeng and Zakki, said that Skype is the best for VoIP. Another advantage is, in the morning you will see 7 million accounts of Skype online, and it will grow up when in the night, until 12 million people online. Trying to find friends in over the world? It’s easy.

To keep contact with voice, why don’t you try Skype? 🙂

Again, I will thank Zakki for this. Good luck bro, for your Schlumberger career. Hope you will get your dream!

5 thoughts on “New toy: Skype”

  1. i used skype 2 years ago to contact our friend, nolang, in singapore. since that time, never use it anymore. i heard that it is blocked by itb firewall. but since u posted this post, i guessed that was only an issue. let’s try again next time 😀


  2. i’ve added u bro…

    reza and nolang…what ur skype ID…??

    i have this connection from ARC’s proxy setan that makes me rules the web ^_^

    @ coro

    tengkyu for u too
    wish u all the best then…keep in touch


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