Next step: Find Jobs or Being an Entrepreneur?

Many people always take two choices to a fresh graduate like me. For me, Mmm, it’s not hard. Depend on my heart and feeling. MMm,… I just want you to pray me… to be healthy and happy. This is the way to take many success.

Find Jobs or being an entrepreneur is not the final aim. But, the essence is how I can reach my wishes. Hope I will get it. Get my dreams.

After such a while I study from pre-School when I was 3, then continue to my study to elementary, junior, senior- school, then university.. It was so exhausting. Try to refresh and get something new is my medicine.

I just want to say thank you very much to many people who support me. Even, they disturbed me. I just thought that they paid attention to me.

Yeah, yesterday I have been playing tennis with Komeng, Hendra, and Anjas. We have progress. Next sport: Badminton on Friday, July 4th 2008 at 1 pm with my classmates.

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