Life is learning, is that so?

I think life is a learning process. It includes study, love, sport, music, and many things that I can learn. Mmm, yesterday, I learned tennis. And really, I have many progress. I played tennis with Komeng, Hendra, and Anjas. We have progress. Such a while we made some rally. Nice. Next sport: Badminton on Friday, July 4th 2008 at 1 pm with my classmates. For me, it is learning.

Love. Mmm, it’s rather sensitive. And I think it’s not quite easy as I think before. I learn to understand a woman. It looks like easy…but… exactly NOT. Even I have made a relationship since eight months ago, still I seldom didn’t understand why she feel something that I thought it’s not important. Yeah… for me, it is learning. Just to adjust my feeling with her… it needs process and understanding.

Study. Mmm, formally, I will get an academic title from ITB. But, I think… it’s just a starting point. I just need some refreshing air to heal… to prepare my new environment then. For me, it’s learning.

Never ending learning,… it’s not about reading. it’s not just about transcript of my GPA. it’s not just about writing. But it’s all about a packet of learning that should I take and combine.

4 thoughts on “Life is learning, is that so?”

  1. huaaa…yes, life is never ending learning, mas!!yesterday i had best lesson with you..thx for all your patient n love in my beautiful day n in my hard day..try to understand all of the things..

    i lv u so…
    taka care n GBU


  2. you are right dude….it’s not just learning but also practicing what we’ve learned before….==>>super IMHO ^^


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