Do The Best!

A cup of hot chocolate milk  accompany me to write this post. It makes my body warmth although it is raining. Furthermore, I have already got dinner with delicious fish, sarden, and lettuce vegetable. It made me stronger than before. I want to thank my room board Mam, who made my dinner. I am here also came with my dearest Toshiba Satellite A215-S7444 to help me create wonderful post everytime I wish.

What I have done this day? I have joined the Financial Engineering class. Exactly, I didn’t really intend to join it. Why? Because I am going to fight a Satellite Communication System and Terrestrial mid test tomorrow. It is not common for this subject, because based on the record story of the last semester, there was no mid term. I don’t know why it suddenly comes out. Should I blame the story teller? Hummm. It is not a good idea.

I will do the best!

The test has come. I did well, not bad. I just wait for the result. I have got some mistaken parameter, such as radius of earth. It should be 6370 km! I wrote 6730km. Oh, No!
I forgot to include my free space loss too.
Human error! Oh Human error!

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