Pizza Nite Dating and My Dad’s Birthday

The sky was so clear at that time. But evening made the light of the day being dark gradually. After doing ‘muscle exercise’ at Sabuga Fitness Centre, I went to Campus. Then I parked my motorcycle in the East Hall park. Exactly, I went to Campus to finish my problem in FPS Committee and accompany my girlfriend doing her homework in Comlabs.

Finishing my problem in FPS committee, I went to Comlabs and browsed some junk webs and updated this blog while my girlfriend did her homework. Then She asked me to go to buy two ices cream and some Pizzas in Pizza Hut Dago. Hence, my stomach was full. I was satisfied eating those pizzas, even we only ordered three small pizza. I didn’t know why. I am usually desirable eating pizza, but now, I was fastly satisfied.

selamat ultah, Pak

Long time no eat ice cream and drink some ice soda, I felt terible when the night has come. My body lose some sweat when I slept, although it is common because Bandung in last three days having some crazy dry. My throat was full of phlegm. My head is dizzy.

But my mind is happy because today, April 5th is my Dad’s birthday. I have already expressed my birthday greeting onto him at 12.01 am, Happy 63rd Birthday, Dad! Semoga Panjang Umur, sehat selalu! I am nothing without you! You are my love of my life, Dad! It is proud of me that people told me, “Like Father Like SOn!” Coz you are so nice and full of love to your children. I Love You, Dad!

5 thoughts on “Pizza Nite Dating and My Dad’s Birthday”

  1. coro, selain punya ‘sweet smile’ (huek…) jg punya sweet hearth..
    Touchy deh ngebaca ungkapan sayang coro ke bokapnya..
    Ngeliat foto bokap coro gw jd inget ama bokap gw yg juga dah berumur [puji Tuhan bgt ya punya orangtua panjang umur, cor.. 🙂 ]
    Duh klo dah ngomongin bokap, gw jd melow abis…
    Udah ah…


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