Playing Tennis in Bandung Air Force Mess Tennis Court

The sky was so dark when Nantha, Komeng, and I went to the Tennis Court. The clock showed 3 pm. Apparently, it was going to rain. The tennis court is located in Jalan Pajajaran, the part of Bandung Air Force Mess, and we hoped that in that place, it was not raining. We have fortune…, It was not going to rain anymore.

We have made an appoinment with Letnan Amos. He said that we can play tennis there, for free. It was a nice offer for us. We took it. Mmm, because Nantha and I never play tennis before, we are so amateur. It was my first experience playing tennis. But Komeng is the best tennis player among us.
Nantha and I played single and I have lose in the game for 4-6 score. It was a pity because I haven’t had ability to make a service better than him. Yes, that was my lack. But, the good point is I can do better than nothing. Yeah, finnaly, I have ever played tennis. Thank’s Amos for the free tennis court. I have been playing tennis for 3 hours there. If I compared with sabuga tennis court, I will spend 40 thousand rupiahs. Yeah, I save the money for the movie tonight, with my girlfriend. But, maybe I will sleep on the theatre because I am sleepy now.
Next time, We will play tennis again, right!
Thank You.

6 thoughts on “Playing Tennis in Bandung Air Force Mess Tennis Court”

  1. wah aku gak bisa bahasa inggris nor bahasa jawa, jadi comment nya bhs perancis aja ya? :p
    keren banget tuh tempatnya, dimana sih? free pula…
    keliatannya mas coro and friends dah pada jago nih mainnya..ajarin aku ya…


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