ITB Graduation Ceremony

PSM ITB (ITB Students Choir) usually performs a graduation performance in the middle of the graduation ceremony at Sabuga. On last ITB Graduation Ceremony, Saturay March 8th, 2008, Cimol and Andre sang duet featuring PSM ITB.

I couldn’t wait for watching the performance of Cimol and Andre at ITB Graduation Ceremony. They would perform a song from Gita Gutawa and Delon, which is “Your Love”. I just wanted to see their performance. I wasn’t interested with the flow of ceremony because I have already attended it for several times.

They performed well. They were still nervous to sing that song. Cimol just stared to cry at the first lyrics. But, She could handle it. Andre was still nervous along the performance. But, I saluted to them who have already graduated from Bandung Institute Technology, the best Technology College in Indonesia. I am still dreaming whether I will graduate on the next ceremony or won’t. I can’t wait going out from this campus, coz I am bored now. But, I don’t know,… maybe by the time I have graduated, I will miss the atmospheres, friends, lecturers, and anybody on this campus. This campus is very unforgettable. It such a fast time. Yeah, perhaps I will miss them all.

6 thoughts on “ITB Graduation Ceremony”

  1. @danasatriya
    Kata senior-senior saya yang alumni itb, Dan! Mahasiswa salah satu universitas negeri di jogja juga bilang seperti itu. Tetapi, memang subjur kita minim sekali peralatan praktikum. Jadi, miris sekali, ya!

    Kapan, ya? target masih bisa Juli. Makanya saya sedang kerja keras. Amin.


  2. @ rakhmawan
    oh… doakan, semoga terjadi segera

    @ baguspewe
    mmm, mau kerja. Tapi, inginnya tidak bekerja untuk orang lain, semacam nglamar. Entah bagaimana nanti jadinya. wekekek. Kalau kau, Gus?


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