A reality show makes me cry

Last Sunday I watched a TV reality show on RCTI, named Idola Cilik. It is a children singing contest, such as Indonesian Idol. Yeah, after such a long time I never cry before, I cried. Why? because I remember how my parents love me… until now. You know… I live separated with them for about 9 years, because of my duty on study, since I was in Junior High School. And now, when I will graduate in July (Hopefully), I should give them the best that I have. It is a such a load, but… I don’t want to be a pessimistic person.

Itamar, Edo Kondologit’s daughter, sang the “Reflection” song beautifully. I just remember, how My Mom and Dad cry and proud of me… when I’ve got some price or award in school. That is the same as how Edo proud of Itamar. It is very sensitive. Ohhhh…

And, before it, I just got a problem with my girlfriend. Yeah, I didn’t really care… so much about her. I don’t know, if she compares me with her last boyfriend, I am careless… but, I want to fix it. I want to make it better than her boyfriend did. I want to fix it.

For Sunday, February 24, 2008. This time I can cry again. But, I am not sad anymore, because I can cry, after such a long time I cannot cry.