Motivated by “The Secret”

After watching “The Secret” Movie, I am truly motivated. Then I write a poem below:

My pray will be never ending, because it empowers me
Pray will always be in my life, because it makes me survive
Then, love will always be in my mind, because it embraces me
“Be brave! Don’t focus on what you don’t want
But focus on what you want!
Be positive, joy, cheerful, grateful, and happy!
Because everything that you think will determine your own future
Exactly, you have your power to let your dream come true.”
Yes, I am happy forever and ever!


“The Secret” Book has been inspiring many people in universe. It is kind of motivational or psychological book. I haven’t read the book yet, but I have watched the movie. Later on, I will read it. I think this book is good to you and I. Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Motivated by “The Secret””

  1. semua orang suka baca “The Secret”..
    mezo, beca, aryo, bahkan tian yg ga suka baca buku sempet membahas isi buku “The Secret” di kosannya…
    “The Secret”, hadiah ultah gw tahun ini dr temen2 psm yg imut2 dan juga amit2, blom selesai2 gw baca, masih mentok di halaman 9….

    Gw ga begitu exciting bacanya, knp ya?


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