I take a break time to think…
What I’ve done yesterday? a month ago, or a year ago?

I have just made some choices.
1. to move to new dormitory (although it’s take several time to adapt the new situation),
2. love a girl (thank you for her love respond, too… ;),
3. focus on my thesis and study (hopefully finish next mid year), and
4. follow job vacancy (recruitment) while I am studying.

Is it hard or not… ? I don’t know.


Sumtime… I compare myself with some people that I have ever met. They are rather different. They can say made a choice is hard…but some people say it is easy. From that, I have just learned that everybody is unique…. And I do believe that they have their own choices, including me. I just hope that you and I have chosen a fit choice.. Keep spirit!

3 thoughts on “Choices”

  1. Semakin banyak pilihan,semakin berwarna hidup kita. Begitukan? *seperti halnya dirimu yang berbekal kegantengan tinggal pilih pilih cewe* :-p


  2. aduh mas mas…saya ndak ngerti bahasa inggris eee….

    tapi emang betul..kita harus milih..

    juzt like choosing a side….hohoho….kita harus setia sama sekutu2 kita


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