It’s going to be busy, in this semester!

The midterm is gone… I did it well, not bad. I’ve tried for based on my ability.. And I’m proud that I did it honestly. Antenna, is the hardest subject in this semester. It is the worst mid exam this semester. I don’t know how… the way my lecturer teach me… I always never get the point. Who is wrong? me or him? I think I’m wrong…

Last month, I was busy in my academic activities… But I don’t know, next… I will be busy in the same subject… yeah,,.. my thesis.

Two days ago, I moved to new dormitory (kost2an). I should adapt to this new situation. I did it because of the price and long distance… far from my campus.
Love, Family, Education, Happiness, and Hobbies…? can it they be in balance ? I hope so.

3 thoughts on “It’s going to be busy, in this semester!”

  1. wow..
    i do really hope that you can make them in balance..
    for me, it is still a big problem. especially, that love things (and sometimes, hobbies πŸ˜€ )

    Hoho… Now, I am trying to make them in balance… Za!


  2. Antena ? Ya jelas yang salah itu anda, lha wong bapaknya itu sudah ngajar antena sedjak tahun 1970an… πŸ˜€

    Kalau belum get the point, berarti memang anda itu belum paham dan mengerti konsep dari 4 hukum Maxwell πŸ™‚

    >> Mungkin memang benar, saya belum paham benar mengenai konsep 4 hukum Maxwell.
    Mumpung masih ada waktu 2 bulan lagi, saya akan tetep berusaha… masih ada uas dan 4 kuis!!!


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