Finally, I finished my report and back to Bandung

I have finished my on Job Training program on Friday (August 10th 2007). Then I decided to go to Bandung at that Day… Friday, at 14.15 pm from Sepinggan. I said good bye to my mentor, Mas Harly, Bu Daisy, Pak Mudjoko, Pak Evans, Pak Tommy, Mas Hadi, Ica (she will go back on Wednesday), and Pak Sugeng. I also met mbak Apri to finish all my administration. But She forgot to remember me to give her my badge. It’s a pitty coz I have to send her my badge. If I don’t send it, I will not get my approval. (Ica said that on her sms!)

Tezar, Intan, and I went to Bandung by Garuda Indonesia. You know what we had to do on the trip? We met several famous persons. They are Ana Maria (Roy marten’s Wife) and Dirly Idol. Trezar and Intan didn’t realize about Dirly… (I just remember that Tezar’s i ring is ” Kemenangan Hati ” from his song. haha…. I thought that Tezar’s Idoll is him… haha…

Finally I arrived Soekarno hatta. I went to Intan’s hoz in Kelapa Gading first. Then I went to Tezar’s Hoz in Cianjur. In the end I went to Bandung. I arrived my kos-kosan at 11 am. Oh… ( How tired I was). — I forget to bring my Mandau btw, it’s still in Intan’s car). maybe tomorrow, I will pick it.

OK… it’s start to live in Bandung. I should start my training of ITB Choir and Student Choir. I don’t know I can follow the training or not. Coz I missed the training for 2 months. Hopefully I can.


One thought on “Finally, I finished my report and back to Bandung”

  1. …huhuhu…
    menyenangkan sudah di bandung…
    poor me that i’m still here…

    hari ini report selesai..fyuuh…
    tinggal nyumput2 nyari printer bewarna..


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