Badminton Match

Sunday, July 22, 2007.

In the middle of rain, early in the morning at 8.00am, I went to Budiman Sport Hall, near to Budiman/Bina Kutai Hotel. My objective is gonna join the match, to play badminton as a player of IST (Information System and Telecommunication) Division. The match is held in the framework of Independence day, August 17, 2007.


This was a group match. And it’s the continuous match after last Wednesday we lose in the game. There might be 3 part of match. Two double and one mixed double. I played with Pak Tulus in double match category.

I’ve got heart beat… (Deg-degan, guYs!) and finally, We won the first set…. 15-13. But… suddenly we lose our concentration and got lose in the second and third set with 9-15 and 2-15. It’s very hard…. (coz I know, that exactly we can win… !)

While in another match, Mas Agung and Pak Karyono also lose… (ogh,….)

No problem…. I was satisfied in that game… coz I spent my energy in that game. Probably, I can win the next match… (I don’t know… maybe if I were an employee in TOTAL E&P Indonesie, I will continue my career as a badminton player as an IST division emissary). (watcha…. !)