Friday Lunch

Friday, July 20 2007.

I feel bad today. My breath is still hard.. I don’t know it happens to me. I never feel like this before.
Why? I truely didn’t know.
But today I have a coincidence invitation from Tyas. Coz I activated my YM account and chatted with her. Yeah.. I asked her bout lunch… then,… she asked me to go to her hoz. Yeah, I asked Icha to go with me. Then I met Tyas’ mom and father in her hoz. I also met Yufa TK03.


At 3 pm, ica had to go to Bontang by plane, so she went to Sepinggan airport first at 1 pm. Yeah, don’t 4get to bring me any food from bontang, yup!



4 thoughts on “Friday Lunch”

  1. heits, si mbak kepalanya diputer lagi dongk.. KURANG JELAS!!
    arikuncoro: dia tuh sebenernya mau mandang aku, Dan! haha… ngarep!!! đŸ™‚


  2. akhirnya bisa ngasih comment….apa yah? ari, engkau dimana pun berada saat kapanpun, tetep….foto nomer 1, hehehehe
    bilang ke icha, ajak2 dong naek pesawat ke bontang, hehe….

    arikuncoro: photo?? so pasti.. ini buat kenang2an je… Icha? naik pesawat? gw aja kayaknya gak bisa… kecuali kalo dah diangkat jadi keluarganya… gw pasti bisa naik pesawat ke badak (bontang) hehe.


  3. beuhh.. belum pernah makan siangku seberuntung itu. paling banter bareng wildan, ipul, ama resa doang. wakakak
    arikuncoro: sabar, mas! tar pasti akan ada masanya… hehe. gunakan pesonamu… haha.


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