Office and Office again…

Thursday, July 17, 2007.

Office and Office again. I went there for so-and-so many time. I just keep my mind not to be lime (woaaahahahaa)

This is the day that I started to new topic: CCTV. I have to arrange my meeting with Mas Harly, which separated place from me, in Gunung Utara. Before that, I also have a study from Pak Rio. Yeah, He explained me sistematicaly, and I should start not to have an a priori to him. He is very kind… now. Hehe

At 4.30 I have a fortune time coz Mas Tulus went to this office and would go to Gunung Utara.. (Mean: I can go with him to go there!) yeah..

I have a nice explanation again from Mas Harly… about CCTV. Maybe I should write that topic in a special post. Thanks Mas Harly. Maybe today (July 18, 2007).

Then…….. in this week… I should study… study …. and study… !!!

And the things that I should concern and obligate:
– don’t forget to fill journal
– don’t forget to study all the things that I don’t understand…
– but, what the essence of this OJT (On Job Training??) = study and study???
– don’t forget also to socialize with all the people in the atmosphere of work…

2 thoughts on “Office and Office again…”

  1. ah, journal. muak ngedengernya. hihihi

    arikuncoro: bukannya kamu jago nulis blog? berarti jurnal yang sepele kayak gitu mestinya jago abiz… kamu, Bob! Sukses KPmu…


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