I hate Monday!

Monday, July 16, 2007
This is the day that people maybe say: I don’t like hate Monday. I also feel like that.. coz I have hard breath… I don’t know, this make my mind stop thinking and hard to do anything.
But, today, I have to finish my task from Rio to copy SisiNubi Project documentation. I did’t understand, why he came to my room suddenly and asked me to do that… whereas, before this, he is not kind to me…
(i don’t know why?)
Exactly, I have finished my task yesterday (On Friday). I just keep to hole few papers, dude.

Incidently, I talked to him in the middle of I went to toilet… I have a lot of things from him. It’s about how to understand telecommunication, how to understand work, how the material of your study in university is just a feeeeeeew (little!)

Once again, I really surprised with his change to me.
(Oh… I feel hard to breath, today!) Shit!

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