Office and Office again…

Thursday, July 17, 2007.

Office and Office again. I went there for so-and-so many time. I just keep my mind not to be lime (woaaahahahaa)

This is the day that I started to new topic: CCTV. I have to arrange my meeting with Mas Harly, which separated place from me, in Gunung Utara. Before that, I also have a study from Pak Rio. Yeah, He explained me sistematicaly, and I should start not to have an a priori to him. He is very kind… now. Hehe

At 4.30 I have a fortune time coz Mas Tulus went to this office and would go to Gunung Utara.. (Mean: I can go with him to go there!) yeah..

I have a nice explanation again from Mas Harly… about CCTV. Maybe I should write that topic in a special post. Thanks Mas Harly. Maybe today (July 18, 2007).

Then…….. in this week… I should study… study …. and study… !!!

And the things that I should concern and obligate:
– don’t forget to fill journal
– don’t forget to study all the things that I don’t understand…
– but, what the essence of this OJT (On Job Training??) = study and study???
– don’t forget also to socialize with all the people in the atmosphere of work…

I hate Monday!

Monday, July 16, 2007
This is the day that people maybe say: I don’t like hate Monday. I also feel like that.. coz I have hard breath… I don’t know, this make my mind stop thinking and hard to do anything.
But, today, I have to finish my task from Rio to copy SisiNubi Project documentation. I did’t understand, why he came to my room suddenly and asked me to do that… whereas, before this, he is not kind to me…
(i don’t know why?)
Exactly, I have finished my task yesterday (On Friday). I just keep to hole few papers, dude.

Incidently, I talked to him in the middle of I went to toilet… I have a lot of things from him. It’s about how to understand telecommunication, how to understand work, how the material of your study in university is just a feeeeeeew (little!)

Once again, I really surprised with his change to me.
(Oh… I feel hard to breath, today!) Shit!

Goin to Manggar Beach (2nd part)

Sunday, June 15, 2007.


On Sunday, at 1 pm, Ica invited us (Yudi, Irvan, Angga, Kumis, Intan, Rida, and I) to join her Bday party in Pizza Hut. It’s 2nd time I went there after Sabana’s party. Thx, Ca! She ordered 3 kinds pizzas and I’ve got 4 slices, guys! How satisfied I was!

You know, I deliberated not to eat in the morning, because of this invitation. So, I fell pain on my stomach because of this. haha….


Yeah, Then we went to Manggar Beach, the beach that I’ve visited yesterday. Angga drove Ica’s car, Kuda Mitsubishi. After arrived there, I went to the toilet (WC) to lose my pain! hehe…

The beach is full of visitors. They were playing football, playing on the sand, and riding a speedboat! There were also several visitors just sat and saw the beach. Obviously, the beach is dirty of coals, you can look it for a while in the mouth of the beach. It’s black.

THen we can’t help riding a speedboat together, except Irvan (I don’t know why, he didn;t want to join us). With IDR 60.000, we ride that speedboat for 15 minutes go along the edge of beach. I think it’s a wonderful vacation after I worked 5 days in the office.

Then we bought ice coconut… wuuuaaw, it’s very delicious and lose my thirst.

We also visited Mall Fantasi in the end of this vacation. I played DDR with Intan, but I can’t play that games…. (dancing) sorry!!!

Before that we have also done a photo session in Ica’s housing complex, Balikpapan baru. It’s not important but it’s time to play and have fun, right?


Coz tomorrow I have to work in the office.

I arrived in my kos2an at 8pm. It’s night…
Then I have dinner by buying a Lontong Sayur in Jerry’s kos2an.
Today, I feel happy and tired… hehe.
(I don’t know why I feel hard to breath nowadays…!)