Goin to Manggar Beach (1)

Saturday, July 14, 2007.
Today, I played badminton as usual. The differences of this day than b4 are:
1. there is no Pak Narto joined this club
2. there are several newcomers in this club
3. I’m very spirited and very tired…
Then I’ve got lunch: Bakso.

Then I went to home and Sleep…
I went to Angga’s hoz. He was still doing nothing. Then In the middle of the planning to go to Icha’s hoz, I was phoned by Jerry for joining Andy and Tulus to go to Manggar Beach. I received and agreed to go them with.


Manggar Beach is near to Sepinggan Airport. Not really near, I mean, yeah for 15 minutes motorcycle reach by. I went there from Jerry;s hoz from 17.15, and arrived in Manggar, at 18.00. It’s also getting on by asking several people in. We past over several industrial building such as Haliburton, PatraIndo, BJ, Thiess Indonesia, etc. But I didn’t find Schlumberger office there, I don’t know???? whereas the advertisement fo ITB is very interesting and plenty of interested persons.

We all took some pictures and talking something interesting. We also observed a Family were playing in brown sand.

In the way went home, We come by Tambora Seafood restaurant. We ordered a portion of crab. It’s very delicious,…. and I think it is very interesting for OJT person in total! one portion is IDR 70.000,00
it can be for 3/4 persons. You can ordered the kangkung vgetables, etc.


Nice journey for this week end. I feel comfortable among them (Petrophysic’s persons in TOTAL) coz they are very friendly and kind. I was treated by them this dinner. How wonderful I am!!

Thx Tulus, Andy, and Jerry.

But, Sadly, today Indonesia was lose versus Saudi Arabia in Asian Cup. It was disappointed and broken Indonesians coz the second goal is created in the 1st last minute!!! How sad Indonesia is! The score is 1-2. (Indonesian goal is created by Elly Elboy!) Heheh…Gut Job Dude!
I think it is the biggest match I’ve ever seen Asian CUP! Viva Indonesia!