Weekend in Office!!!:(

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Yeah, I have to prepare my presentation on Wednesday. I hope I can finish it on Monday. So, on Tuesday, I only review it and prepare my speech.

I started this day by getting up at 6 am. Then took a bathe and had breakfast by buying nasikuning in Karangjawa Street. I bought two packs, one for lunch, coz I would go to office to work overtime (do my report and preparation of presentation)

Yeah, not bad. 60 percent of my report is finished. But I have to remember that I haven’t prepare my power point presentation yet. OMG… Perhaps it will be finish on Monday too! Better or not, I should do it.

If I calculate my report writing time: (Wednesday to Tuesday) It will be 7 days!! I think it’s enough for me! Do it well! I can do my best! Even I don’t know well my material, I should be confident in front of the audiences, even only my mentor!

In the afternoon, I went to Church with Tyas. I was She picked me up from office at 5 pm and coincidently, I met Yuva(TK03) and Raihan(MS04). They have been in Tyas’ house… Maybe for have fun. Before going to Church, I came by Yuva’s kos2an. Oh… Apparently, It’s Poppy’s kos2an, yup, it’s true!


 I didn’t go home with Tyas. I went home with Andy, my senior high school mate. Then Andy treated me pork in the area, near to BlueSky hotel after arrived in Jerry’s house. It’s very delicious PORK! haha…Thx Andy!


Then I loose my weary by watching F1 in Jerry’s house. Haha… I hope it will be a good Sunday…

In the middle of my sleep,
Swift rain is splashing
and… Strong wind is coming
in the warmth of Balikpapan.