When LOYALITY is hard to find…

Saturday, 070707

I spent my time by playing badminton. I ve done it for 3 times for 3 weeks. Then it will be my routine. Sadly, there are no special things today. I just played and loosed my sweat as usual.

However, there is One thing that I remembered. I met Pak Narto. He is senior person in Petrophysics division. Although he is only a contractor in TOTAL, he has a lot of experiences in Schlumberger, the company that he worked for his whole work time. He told me his work experiences in Schlumberger. He had gone to Sout America, Abudabi, and several sites in Indonesia for his work. I was surprised because he stood for a long time in Schlumberger. In fact, hard work and full pressured are the reasons for persons quit from that company after collecting money. He made it! (it’s incredible and unbelievable!)

On the other hand, I still had a load: my Job Training Report. Coz I have to finished it in 3 days. (SUN< MON< TUE!). Can I fight and do it well? Hopefully!

I just remember this proverb: If you have a big PROBLEM, don’t say: “GOD, I hv a big problem, but say: “Problem, I have a BIG GOD!” do you agree?
I hope it will make me be spirited!

Do you believe in 777 lucky number?

Saturday, 070707
Some people said that 7 is lucky number… Do YOU AGREE?
Yeah, two days ago I read newspaper that stated there are more than 2000 couples in USA married in that day. I was really surprised! Many couples waited July 7, 2007 to be their married day.
The impacts?
the impacts are: Married organizer busines are selling well, all the building for ceremonial are booked.. (then, I don’t know it has a corelation or not) maybe there will be thousand of people getting ML at the same time. Additionally: it’s Saturday, that means,,… it is holiday. You don’t need to remember your work task, right. U just do your task with your husband/wife?
Haha…I also think that hotel workers work hard this week!