Dugem 4 #1st time…, is it OK?

Thursday, July 5, 2007.

Yeah, as usual I work by studying and finishing my report.
Because… next week… (July 11th!!!) I hv to
present and finish my ‘on job training’ report!
Then I change my topic from Microwave to CCTV. Really, I’m still holding on.
Coz there are no good flows in my mind.

To make it clear and blew up, I just write this poem:
(Really, I see and get it!)

When Balikpapan slept,
When the wind blew in the middle of the night,
People in this town came out to the midnight life!

Although it’s Thursday Night (MALAM JUMAT!!)
People in the midnight life still open their eyes
To see all the things that can make them rise!

I feel it…
My heart beating quickly
I just let me flow to the night wind…
and still thinking positive, bout what’s goin on.

Then I entered the room…
The room that Indonesian people said pub, discotic, or dugem!
Really, for me, it is my first time goin to that place!
It’s weird… But If I never gonna there, Maybe I can’t feel it until then.

My roommate friends in the office, Mas Agung and Pak Mansyuri 
treated me some beer.


Yeah,, I’ve never do this b4…
Imagine, We (two) must drink 2 litres of beer Haineken…
The taste is cold and bitter, though it has a little sweet.
I hv drunk for 4 beer glasses. Maybe it’s usual for people there. But AIn’t.
I went to the toilet for 5 times to pee.

While I drunk and take some snacks, disco music played in the middle of
the flip-flop lighting… In the darkest situation, there are many sexy girls sang songs…
dance for a while.

namanya Becky

The songs that I remembered are dokter cinta,sms, and other western songs.

Unfortunately, there are only few people visited to that pub. Maybe, tonight (Friday night)
or tomorrow (Saturday night)?