Played Badminton and Road to Melawai…

Saturday, June 30, 2007
I played badminton in GOR, jalan Senayan. As same as last Saturday, Andi, Haris, Lulus, Pak Joko, Jeri, Riksa, an old man, and I… came there…
I was very sorry bcoz I smashed Lulus’ eyes!!! (sorry Lus, I just very spiritous! haha)
Then in the afternoon, I went to Melawai Beach (again :(= in 3rd time!!!)

pantai-5.jpg  pantai-2.jpg   pantai-25.jpg
But I went there with Tyas, Ikhsan, Reswa, Dika, Yudi, and Irvan. We enjoyed food there… and took some pictures.
At 8 pm, we went to Monumen Perjuangan… We enjoyed full moon…

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