Road to CPU by Helicopter! :)

Monday, July 2, 2007

cpu-32.jpg cpu-25.jpg 
I had a plan going to CPU this day, with my mentor, Mbak Didi. The objection for me is observing the radio equipments there. This is my first time going to CPU!!
From Balikpapan, we ride KIJANG driven by pak TUlus at 8.30 am, coz We missed the car!)..Then at 9.30 am, we started this journey by helicopter!!! Uigggghhhh it’s un4getable xperience coz it’s my first time…and very exciting!
I never forget it!
I could see the whole sea, cloud, blue sky, and rigs in the middle of the sea! I can see all of God’s creature!
Oh my God!!! THanks… U hv given me chance!
Then We arrived in CPU at 10.10 am.

cpu-39.jpg  cpu-40.jpg
In CPU, I could see good scenery there… In the middle of Delta Mahakam, TOTAL’s base is very clean, tidy, nice, and comfortable for employees there. There are many people work there to operate all the things there.
For telecommunication division, although only supporting division, which means, it’s not in core business of TOTAL, telecommunication is an important things to maintain coz it is related to the communication from site to site.

I met several people in IST/TEL, They are Pak Ibramsyah, Agus (Alssa), Fajar and Tamar (Jasnikom), Mas INdra, Mas Hans, Pak Trijoko (HSE), and Virgo (Ericsson).

They want to check TELKOMSEL acces from CPU to CCNUBI…
And Radio Trunking System….

Before that, we had lunch first.

IN work time, I finished my work by checking my email and brows some website. And in the middle of night, I played Bilyard with Mbak Didi, Agus, Tamar, satpam, and a Chef. I can’t do that games…. But I take it for fun… just for fun! And the positive thing is getting some knowledge and practicals works.



Time to be calm and go to Church!

Sunday, July 1, 2007
I just spent this day by watching a film. This day… I spent my day by sleeping. But accidently I met mas Mulyadi and Sabana that wanted to go to the office. Yeah… I followed them after I finished my lunch.
I browsed some websites and updated my friendster there.
In the afternoon 5.15 pm I went to Church. Andy could’t go to Church this day. I went there by angkot 6 prapatan. As usual, The Church is St. Teresia. Then I hv an appointment meet angga, who will interns in Chevron. I had dinner with him by buying Pecel lele… (expensive!!! IDR 20.000,00!

What a f*ck sh*et!

Played Badminton and Road to Melawai…

Saturday, June 30, 2007
I played badminton in GOR, jalan Senayan. As same as last Saturday, Andi, Haris, Lulus, Pak Joko, Jeri, Riksa, an old man, and I… came there…
I was very sorry bcoz I smashed Lulus’ eyes!!! (sorry Lus, I just very spiritous! haha)
Then in the afternoon, I went to Melawai Beach (again :(= in 3rd time!!!)

pantai-5.jpg  pantai-2.jpg   pantai-25.jpg
But I went there with Tyas, Ikhsan, Reswa, Dika, Yudi, and Irvan. We enjoyed food there… and took some pictures.
At 8 pm, we went to Monumen Perjuangan… We enjoyed full moon…

Birthday Party for Sabana and Andien


Friday, June 29, 2007
It was raining. I was disapointed coz my shoes were wet. Oh… until in the afternoon I kept my feet wet because of that…
Planly, I wanted to meet Pak Alam. I just wanted to discuss something ’bout my topic… again about transmit/receive frequency there.
Unfortunately, He was in heavy load work, there. They had guests to BER test. Yeah,… today I didn’t know what to do.
But… It was a miracle!!!
Andien’s birthday is today!!!!!!!!
It was my lucky.
Tyas, Sansan, Nina, Johny, Tigor, Yudi, Rahmadi, Reswa, Rida, and I came to that birthday celebration! Haha.

My lucky was still goin on at night… Coz Sabana treated me in Pizza Hut!!!
Sabana, Pak Aang, Pak Ucup, Irvan, and Yudi joined Sabana’s birthday party at Pizza Hut!!!


When TV channel is not going properly…

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Today, I went to gunung Utara… I met Pak Alam.
I just wanted to clarify about the specification of the microwave radio in that site.
Then I ve got some datas from him.
Unfortunately my flash disk was full.
I deleted my PSM ITB songs there… But it’s useless… I didn’t know, why my flashdisk couldn’t work properly…

Planly, I wanted to go there later, next Friday.
In the afternoon, I met Pak Sugeng and Herman, who fixed TV parabola antenna there. I’ was very excited coz they are very kind to me.
There was a problem in RCTI program. I helped them by turning some bolts by wrench. Yeah… No problem. I spent my time there until 6 pm.
I was carried by Pak tRIJoko (Anju’s uncle) to the office.. (Thanks Sir!)