Friday, With Seafood in Kebun Sayur…

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

dsci0002.jpg dsci0001cpy.jpg

I went to the office as usual. I did my visio task… from Mas Hady. I learnt network topology… that connecting router, router-switch, and switch. Actually, I had known network topology between balikpapan, jakarta, senipah, etc. yEAH… actually the network within balikpapan itself is very reliable, bcoz the type of topology is ring topology. But, the network type between each site is only bus topology. It means, there are no redundancy system within its network. Therefore, the system will not reliable if only one of the hub/link is down.

Then at break time… I went to Kebon Sayur with Mas Agung and Mbak Didi (my mentor). I went there by angkot. We ate seafood there. Mbak Didi ate Bawal Fish, while me and Agung ate cumi-cumi (squid). It’s very interesting coz I treated by mbak Didi. 🙂

THen in the afternoon, I joined jogging club. I met several people, mostly from petrophysics department. A person that I knew first is Andy’s, my senior mate in High School. Then, I knew Andy’s friends, include Pak Joko, a person who is contracted by total, from Schlumberger.

Oh… tomorrow I will play badminton. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Friday, With Seafood in Kebun Sayur…”

  1. kamu kurusan banget sih sayang pas di Balikpapan hahahahahhahaaa….padahal banyak makanan lezat disaaaaaaaaaanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………

    tere kangen balikpapan terutama orang-orang yang ada disana,,uhhhh so lovely bgt…Lvu


  2. iya… kurus… karena kepanasan di sana…. busyet dah… Walaupun nggak gerak badan… kepanasan trus… karena matahari tepat di atas kepala.

    makan lezat asal sehat. OK? mumpung masih muda…


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