Last B’day celebration

when my bday… 19th May 2007, i treated my friends to kembang pare.. which is located in Halmahera street.. near to jalan Riau!
it is a wonderful place there… u can sit with the legs cross pluss pillow in that desk.
Bob, Bonga, Apis, Riza, and Adrie are my housemates in Bandung. They are invited by me to celebrate my bday.
They all are ITB students except adrie.

We enjoyed that food and place. Why? because the atmosphere is very hommy and traditional… also the food is very delicious.
That the second time i’ve ever gone there.

The main menu that you should order is nasi liwet. Although that food is special food from Solo…, the taste and
is very delicious… for me (B’coz ive never eat nasi liwet originally from solo!) . I paid IDR 69000 for one packet of nasi liwet. You will get a cattle of rice and
a chicken.. (complete… without head! vegetables and sambal ). Each packet of nasi liwet can be eaten by 4 men or 5 women.
You will be satisfied! I guarantee it! 🙂

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