Monday-Thursday are full of recruitment process

18 12 2008

Jakarta, Bandung, and Cimahi are the cities that I have visited for recruitment process. Fight, efforts, way, travel, train, Bob’s rent room, Semanggi, Sudirman, Mulia, Mid Plaza, Wisma Nugra Santana, Tosari, Gatot Subroto, Mega Kuningan, Pancoran, Blora, Cimareme, Setiabudi, and many keywords are relatively new for me.

I hope it works. I want to celebrate Christmas first. And… get one of the jobs. kek ktrima semua aja… :)

Thanks God.

A Journey to Jakarta (part 1)

19 11 2008

Yesterday I got up so early in the morning. Why? because I wanna go to Jakarta. I should reach the Senopati Raya street, SHL office, at 9 am for a corporate recruitment psycho test. I wanna thank Bryan, my girlfriend’s young brother, who carried me to Baraya travel. He made me get ready up at 5 am.

I hope I will get the first schedule of the travel, at 5.30 am. But, sadly, the first travel was chartered by passengers to airport. That condition made me start the journey at 6 am.

During the journey, I met an old man who sitted near by me beside the driver. He wanted to do a business thing with someone in Blok M, Jakarta. Oooo, he told me that he is a Pertamina employee pension. He started to join Pertamina in 1968 and ran his first job in Papua. Wow, I can imagine that 1968 was five years after clustering Irian Barat with Indonesia. He said that Papua at that time is really lack of leaders. He dare to take that chance and gained his chance to Germany and Japan. He was 22 years old at that time.

orang tua dan anak

He asked me where do I want to go. I told him my destination, Senopati Street. He talked too much. Maybe because of many experiences that he got during his jobs, for 30 years.

I can classified his story into three sections. The first is about his debut in Germany, the second is about his child who gain the recruitment process in Chevron as a accomodation manager, and the third is his experience when take an airport project in Dumai, Riau.

First, he said onto me, “It is no use for studying if you don’t have capability in English.” He is really concerned about alumni of Indonesian Bachelor who do not have capability both of speaking and writing in English. He told me that because of his debut in Germany, he was stressed and felt desperately. Why? He couldn’t speak Deutsch. He felt trouble when he couldn’t tell anything with many people there. Then he studied hard and take some lessons there. He felt it. He don’t want to make all the youngster bachelor felt terrible because of the language. He added that a bachelor should have an added value, including capability in English.

The second, his child, 37 years old man. He is a manager of Hotel in Mulia. His salary is IDR 11 million a month. Then he apply to Chevron which has many facilities and good salary. He is still in a medical check up test. He is an NHI alumni who continued his study abroad. I think, he is an extraordinary child because all his siblings are state employee (PNS). He dares to be different.

The third, this old man ever handled an airport project in Dumai. At that time, Pak Harto and Bu Tien would visit some oil field in Dumai. He got an assignment letter. He was surprised because of the unmatched job. It was not relevant to his background, mechanical engineering. But, the general manager took his potency in leadership. Finally, he could do it. He said that he ever seek many things such as bath and toilet equipments for Bu Tien which was not available in Dumai. He went to Jakarta, Singapore, and many places. Sadly, Bu Tien didn’t use it. Moreover, Pak Harto and Bu Tien went there by chopper. Is it useless?

Frankly, I was so worried of the late time. It was 9 am, and I was still in Gatot Subroto. The transportation was really crowded. Fortunately, I have a telephone number of SHL. I called Mbak Francis, an SHL team. She wanted to wait for my arrival. Thank God.

I reach that place by ojek (bike). I think IDR 10 thousand was so expensive. But, I asked the receptionist of SHL, IDR 10 thousand is usual. I cannot imagine if I live here, Jakarta.

Go To Surabaya and Pandaan (2)

4 08 2008

On the second day, I left Taman Dayu Residence to go to Sukorejo Plant. This place contains Machine Kretek ciggarete factory. I didn’t have a chance to enter the factory, but in the company profile movie, I got that the machine can produce eighty thousand more ciggarete a day.

We met the management of PT. HM Sampoerna Tbk. Again, it was very interesting because I could learn how Sampoerna succeed, started from the founder, Mr. Sampoerna (Leem Sing Tee) until Philip Morris International (PMI) acquisition. In this opportunity, we had a discussion session. Someone asked them about why Sampoerna family sold the equity to PMI. The answer is clear that the family sold when the price of equity was in the peak position. No intervention at all.

After the interesting discussion with the management, we took photo session with the management. Then, we went to the training centre of Sampoerna. There are many training programs there. This program is a part of Contribution and Corporate Social Responsibility to the surrounding society. There are entrepreneurship program, Cow Livestock and disemenisation of papaya program, clean water program, cultivation of rice planting method with SRI (System of Rice Intensification), etc. My groups, Rungkut 1, got the clean water program topic. Unfortunately, I couldn’t follow the observation because of uncomfortable body at that time.

Then we had dinner at “Ayam Bakar Cianjur”. :) It is funny because we came from West Java and we again ate dinner at West Javanese restaurant. Nope. The food were ready to be eaten in each tables. During the time of our dinner, we talked about East Java governor election, Lapindo, the campus policy, etc. I think the best student is appropriate for them, because they really care about the Indonesia situation.

Then, we went to Surabaya city and arrived Novotel by bus. I always took the front chair of the bus with Fermi.

Ooooh… I slept tightly because Fajar (Undip) have treat me due to my uncomfortable body, by balm-scratching my body. Thanks, Dude!

Go to Surabaya and Pandaan (1)

1 08 2008

It is a pleasure that I am chosen by my campus to follow the “Sampoerna Best Student Visit 2008 Program” in Surabaya and Pandaan, East Java. It is such as a study tour program during July 23-27, 2008. This is an annualy program, and 2008 is 4th year.

By plane (Merpati) started from Husein Sastranegara Airport, with 14 mixed of ITB, Unpad, and Unpar students, I went to Juanda Airport. Arrived there, we met other students from Gadjah Mada University, Surabaya University, ITS, UNS, etc. Then, by bus, we went to Taman Dayu Residence in Pandaan, Pasuruhan. During the journey, I saw the dike of Lapindo outpouring gas. There was Eko, an ITS students who guided us. He said that the Lapindo outpouring gas now has changed to be a touring object, that is traded from surrounding society.

Arrived at Taman Dayu Residence, we are devided into several residence. Pak Tole, a SAR team leader, said that Soeharto, Gus Dur, Megawati, and SBY have ever slept at VIP residence, called Bromo. I think it is such a suite place in Jawa Timur, because the back side of the residence facing the golf park. There is also a mini swimming pool there. I slept in Welirang residence for one night with other nine students.

There are many activities today. Flag Market Games. This was very interesting. We are devided into several groups. We have task to buy the materials, produce, and sell the flags. The price of each materials and flags are fluctuative. It is such a mini business game. Our mision is to get the benefit. My groups, called Dji Sam Soe, lose 13.500 out. :) Though, we are the third best group. Not bad. Again, We have been chosen as a best yell group. :)

At night, we have a gathering dinner at the park. It is very interesting. Some of the students from each university introduce themselves. Unfortunately, it is not cover all of the students because the time was limited. There were 89 students followed the program. The students come from 18 universities in Indonesia, start from USU to UNHAS. Salam Ganesha have been proudly presented by ITB students, (including me).

My room mate are Rozy (Unibraw) and Harbun (UNS). I slept tightly. But I forgot to switch the air conditioner off. Then unfortunately, I’ve got a head ache.

I want to thank Farid Baskoro, my closed friend, who carried me to the airport early in the morning at 4.30 am. I’ll bring you something from Surabaya, buddy! THank’s so much.

Back to My Home Village

6 05 2008

Not a hometown. But a home village. I said that because of my home is in a quite and remote village. Yeah, My home is in Lampung. I went there for being home, visiting my beloved parents. Mmm, it was an interesting. Looking at my parents are healthy is a wonderful thing.

It made me aware that what I have done in Bandung and Jogja has so many meaning. It was a process. I am not a child anymore now. I should make them happy in their whole life. You know, I am lucky being their child. Careness, love, faith, and many things they have taught me bring me like this. Thank’s Mom and Dad. I love you very much.

Tuesday (29/4), I went to Lampung. I don’t have any story to tell about the trip because it was night and I couldn’t see the scenery. It is 10 p.m. from my rent room. I asked my kind friend, Nantha, to carry me to Leuwi Panjang. Thank’s, Dud! Then from Leuwi Panjang, I rode a bus to Merak harbor. A half past three a.m. I arrived Merak. Then continue to ride a Ferry, acrossed Sunda Strait. The next destination is Bakauheni Harbor. After 2 hours in a ship, I rode a travel to Panjang, a place before Bandar Lampung. It was 8 a.m. Then, I might ride a public transportation to reach my home. It was such a tiring trip. But then I was really happy because home and parents near to me.

I spent for 4 days. I did many activities there. I did my final project, went to Church, pray together every morning, recover my nutrients by eating :), and many more ( I think it is an important activity… mmmm!). I also attended my friend’s marriage mass in Church. They are Ismunadi and Nita. Mmm, it’s such a quick time I think. I feel like just yesterday he and I play on a Sunday School in Church.. :) Congrats, Man! Be a good father and husband!

Sadly, four days is over. Sunday afternoon, 3 p.m. I leaved my home. By an ‘ojek’ I went down the hill. The way is the same as the first way I went to. In a ferry ship, I enter the executive class, only paid 8 thousand rupiahs extra price to get a cozy room with an air conditioner. There was an ‘organ tunggal’ entertainment. There were two singers and some passangers tried to sing. Mmm, Indonesia like dangdut, right? It is true. Why? The first five songs are Pop, but the next request songs are dangdut. Mmm, nope. Even I don’t like dangdut very much, I enjoyed it. I just watched them and did not participate to sing.

The ship leaned on the Merak Harbor at 8 p.m. Then I rode a bus which goes to Bandung.

Having arrived Leuwi Panjang Bus Station in Bandung, I might wait for an hour in a public transportation car because there are only a few passanger. It is not comfortable.. I arrived my rent room at 3.30 a.m. As a result, I spent 2 hours from Leuwi Panjang Bus Station to Cisitu. It was crazy…

I calculate how much money I spent for transportation. Here it is:

Mmm, the trip style like this is cheaper than I went to Lampung by a direct bus. I can save some money. Let me compare:

My trip style:
Bandung-Merak Bus: 45.000; Ferry Ship: 10.500 + 8.000 (extra price for executive class); travel to Tanjung Karang/ Bandar Lampung: 30.000. Total: IDR 92.500,00

Direct bus Bandung-Bandar Lampung: IDR 150.000,00.

Then I can save IDR 67.500,00.

Catholic Churches in Bandung

21 04 2008

A French said that Churches in Europe has changed to be a touring place. I don’t know it is true or not. But in Indonesia, Churches are still being a holly place to pray especially for Christian.

There are five Churches that I have visited in Bandung. They are Cathedral, St. Boromeus, St. Melania, St. Therecia (Karmel), and St. Laurentius. Exactly, I have ever visited Pandu Church, near by Istana Plaza, Jl. Pajajaran. But I don’t have a photo.

Cathedral Church, Jl. Merdeka

St. Boromeus

St. Melania, near by Jl. Diponegoro (Geology Museum)

St. Therecia, Lembang

St. Laurentius

Mostly, the architecture of churces are Netherland inheritances. Especially for St. Boromeus and Cathedral. I usually follow Mass in one of them.

Finally, I finished my report and back to Bandung

11 08 2007

I have finished my on Job Training program on Friday (August 10th 2007). Then I decided to go to Bandung at that Day… Friday, at 14.15 pm from Sepinggan. I said good bye to my mentor, Mas Harly, Bu Daisy, Pak Mudjoko, Pak Evans, Pak Tommy, Mas Hadi, Ica (she will go back on Wednesday), and Pak Sugeng. I also met mbak Apri to finish all my administration. But She forgot to remember me to give her my badge. It’s a pitty coz I have to send her my badge. If I don’t send it, I will not get my approval. (Ica said that on her sms!)

Tezar, Intan, and I went to Bandung by Garuda Indonesia. You know what we had to do on the trip? We met several famous persons. They are Ana Maria (Roy marten’s Wife) and Dirly Idol. Trezar and Intan didn’t realize about Dirly… (I just remember that Tezar’s i ring is ” Kemenangan Hati ” from his song. haha…. I thought that Tezar’s Idoll is him… haha…

Finally I arrived Soekarno hatta. I went to Intan’s hoz in Kelapa Gading first. Then I went to Tezar’s Hoz in Cianjur. In the end I went to Bandung. I arrived my kos-kosan at 11 am. Oh… ( How tired I was). — I forget to bring my Mandau btw, it’s still in Intan’s car). maybe tomorrow, I will pick it.

OK… it’s start to live in Bandung. I should start my training of ITB Choir and Student Choir. I don’t know I can follow the training or not. Coz I missed the training for 2 months. Hopefully I can.


Lots of knowledge from Senipah

31 07 2007

Yuppy… I have gone to Senipah again. I have got lots of knowledge about Telecommunication activities in there. CCTV is my main topic. But I got other topics, such as PA GA (Public Address General Alarm), RTS (Radio Trunking System), PABX, Radio Marine, NDB (Non Directional Rdio Beacon), etc.

I met Pak Gatot who leads the Senipah Telecommunication activity by himself. He is very kind and like to teach me. I also had a chance to help the contractor who was installing radio marine and amplifier of PA GA.

It’s such a wonderful experience, and I have done my vacation report in Bahasa. (But… I should finish my real OJT report in english…)

OK… It’s my photo with Pak Gatot…


Goin to Manggar Beach (2nd part)

18 07 2007

Sunday, June 15, 2007.


On Sunday, at 1 pm, Ica invited us (Yudi, Irvan, Angga, Kumis, Intan, Rida, and I) to join her Bday party in Pizza Hut. It’s 2nd time I went there after Sabana’s party. Thx, Ca! She ordered 3 kinds pizzas and I’ve got 4 slices, guys! How satisfied I was!

You know, I deliberated not to eat in the morning, because of this invitation. So, I fell pain on my stomach because of this. haha….


Yeah, Then we went to Manggar Beach, the beach that I’ve visited yesterday. Angga drove Ica’s car, Kuda Mitsubishi. After arrived there, I went to the toilet (WC) to lose my pain! hehe…

The beach is full of visitors. They were playing football, playing on the sand, and riding a speedboat! There were also several visitors just sat and saw the beach. Obviously, the beach is dirty of coals, you can look it for a while in the mouth of the beach. It’s black.

THen we can’t help riding a speedboat together, except Irvan (I don’t know why, he didn;t want to join us). With IDR 60.000, we ride that speedboat for 15 minutes go along the edge of beach. I think it’s a wonderful vacation after I worked 5 days in the office.

Then we bought ice coconut… wuuuaaw, it’s very delicious and lose my thirst.

We also visited Mall Fantasi in the end of this vacation. I played DDR with Intan, but I can’t play that games…. (dancing) sorry!!!

Before that we have also done a photo session in Ica’s housing complex, Balikpapan baru. It’s not important but it’s time to play and have fun, right?


Coz tomorrow I have to work in the office.

I arrived in my kos2an at 8pm. It’s night…
Then I have dinner by buying a Lontong Sayur in Jerry’s kos2an.
Today, I feel happy and tired… hehe.
(I don’t know why I feel hard to breath nowadays…!)

Goin to Manggar Beach (1)

16 07 2007

Saturday, July 14, 2007.
Today, I played badminton as usual. The differences of this day than b4 are:
1. there is no Pak Narto joined this club
2. there are several newcomers in this club
3. I’m very spirited and very tired…
Then I’ve got lunch: Bakso.

Then I went to home and Sleep…
I went to Angga’s hoz. He was still doing nothing. Then In the middle of the planning to go to Icha’s hoz, I was phoned by Jerry for joining Andy and Tulus to go to Manggar Beach. I received and agreed to go them with.


Manggar Beach is near to Sepinggan Airport. Not really near, I mean, yeah for 15 minutes motorcycle reach by. I went there from Jerry;s hoz from 17.15, and arrived in Manggar, at 18.00. It’s also getting on by asking several people in. We past over several industrial building such as Haliburton, PatraIndo, BJ, Thiess Indonesia, etc. But I didn’t find Schlumberger office there, I don’t know???? whereas the advertisement fo ITB is very interesting and plenty of interested persons.

We all took some pictures and talking something interesting. We also observed a Family were playing in brown sand.

In the way went home, We come by Tambora Seafood restaurant. We ordered a portion of crab. It’s very delicious,…. and I think it is very interesting for OJT person in total! one portion is IDR 70.000,00
it can be for 3/4 persons. You can ordered the kangkung vgetables, etc.


Nice journey for this week end. I feel comfortable among them (Petrophysic’s persons in TOTAL) coz they are very friendly and kind. I was treated by them this dinner. How wonderful I am!!

Thx Tulus, Andy, and Jerry.

But, Sadly, today Indonesia was lose versus Saudi Arabia in Asian Cup. It was disappointed and broken Indonesians coz the second goal is created in the 1st last minute!!! How sad Indonesia is! The score is 1-2. (Indonesian goal is created by Elly Elboy!) Heheh…Gut Job Dude!
I think it is the biggest match I’ve ever seen Asian CUP! Viva Indonesia!

Back to Balikpapan (by helicopter again!!!:)

4 07 2007


Tuesday, July 3rd 2007

Last night I slept in A6 room with Pak Salamsyah. He is an offshore employee in TOTAL. Then early in the morning, I got up at 5.45 am. Then I went to bath and continued to the restaurant to have breakfast. Before that, I brought a teeth paste for Mbak Didi. It is because of unplan program… we spent a night there. We didn’t bring substitution for clothes…

I think it’s a wonderful xperience coz I could meet many kind people there. They could open my mind!

I went to HSE office to discuss about Safety rules there. This task is ordered by Icha… I met Pak Indra and the genx… I was explained about anythings.from SWL, CWP, HWP, SOP, SSI, etc… The acronyms that I didn’t know before. I was also permited to took a harness picture for Mbak Didi.

In the middle of the day… I went to restaurant for lunch. Then I came back to othe traffic (helipad)… back to Balikpapan via Helicopter…(Started at 1.50 pm and arrived Balikpapan at 2.15 pm)

It’s very interesting… I can see mahakam delta throuh my flight. I gathered with Mbak Didi and Agus Hidayat, a technician from Alssa.


When I arrived Balikpapan, in Sepinggan Airport first. Then I had been pictured! this!

cpu-8.jpg  cpu-7.jpg

A shuttle car carried me to the Office in Jalan Minyak. I met Icha, and several people in my room. There are 5 persons in my room (too many….!)

Road to CPU by Helicopter! :)

3 07 2007

Monday, July 2, 2007

cpu-32.jpg cpu-25.jpg 
I had a plan going to CPU this day, with my mentor, Mbak Didi. The objection for me is observing the radio equipments there. This is my first time going to CPU!!
From Balikpapan, we ride KIJANG driven by pak TUlus at 8.30 am, coz We missed the car!)..Then at 9.30 am, we started this journey by helicopter!!! Uigggghhhh it’s un4getable xperience coz it’s my first time…and very exciting!
I never forget it!
I could see the whole sea, cloud, blue sky, and rigs in the middle of the sea! I can see all of God’s creature!
Oh my God!!! THanks… U hv given me chance!
Then We arrived in CPU at 10.10 am.

cpu-39.jpg  cpu-40.jpg
In CPU, I could see good scenery there… In the middle of Delta Mahakam, TOTAL’s base is very clean, tidy, nice, and comfortable for employees there. There are many people work there to operate all the things there.
For telecommunication division, although only supporting division, which means, it’s not in core business of TOTAL, telecommunication is an important things to maintain coz it is related to the communication from site to site.

I met several people in IST/TEL, They are Pak Ibramsyah, Agus (Alssa), Fajar and Tamar (Jasnikom), Mas INdra, Mas Hans, Pak Trijoko (HSE), and Virgo (Ericsson).

They want to check TELKOMSEL acces from CPU to CCNUBI…
And Radio Trunking System….

Before that, we had lunch first.

IN work time, I finished my work by checking my email and brows some website. And in the middle of night, I played Bilyard with Mbak Didi, Agus, Tamar, satpam, and a Chef. I can’t do that games…. But I take it for fun… just for fun! And the positive thing is getting some knowledge and practicals works.



Played Badminton and Road to Melawai…

3 07 2007

Saturday, June 30, 2007
I played badminton in GOR, jalan Senayan. As same as last Saturday, Andi, Haris, Lulus, Pak Joko, Jeri, Riksa, an old man, and I… came there…
I was very sorry bcoz I smashed Lulus’ eyes!!! (sorry Lus, I just very spiritous! haha)
Then in the afternoon, I went to Melawai Beach (again :(= in 3rd time!!!)

pantai-5.jpg  pantai-2.jpg   pantai-25.jpg
But I went there with Tyas, Ikhsan, Reswa, Dika, Yudi, and Irvan. We enjoyed food there… and took some pictures.
At 8 pm, we went to Monumen Perjuangan… We enjoyed full moon…

Report from Senipah… !

21 06 2007

dsci0042cpy.jpg  dsci0055cpy.jpg 

Oh.. it’s not like I imagined b4. Senipah is not bad as I thought. The field is very big and clean. All of the facilities are provided there.

I met 5 OJT persons from ITB. They are Tezar, Popy, Fikri, Dendy, and Dito. They are participants of OJT… Mostly, they have been there for 2 weeks.

B4 met them, I also visited tower in senipah to communicate three areas: Balikpapan, CPA, and Bekapai. Inside the building below the tower, I observed 3 multiplexers, 3 radio,  radio trunking, telkomsel transceiver, and slot for 16E1. There will be equipments for microwave SDH backbone there. and all the practice has been reserved.

Journey to Senipah

19 06 2007


Tomorrow I will go to Senipah. I hope it will be nice journey! :)

I will accompany Mas Hady (an employee from Schlumberger). He also accompany his friend to check telecommunication hardwares in Senipah. :)

Just for 1 day.

I’ve got safety shoes, red clothes, and a helmet.



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